Подробная инфографика ликвидаций баткоина

  • The last day was marked by a large-scale drop in the crypto market
  • This resulted in a painful liquidation for $397.6 million

  • See detailed distribution infographic and important comments

Against the backdrop of the global political crisis, cryptocurrency rates are collapsing at a record pace. Bitcoin (BTC) lost 6% in a day, Solana (SOL) – 000, 7%, and Cardano (ADA) – whole ,9%.

As one would expect, such a storm led to mass liquidation. Its daily volume amounted to $397, 6 million, of which the lion’s share falls on long positions. According to Coinglass, the victims of this decline were 36 300 liquidated traders.

Binance clients suffered the biggest losses with $ liquidations ,36 million Slightly “lags behind » OKEx exchange — it has $46 million

Extreme fear returned to the crypto market

Cryptocurrency fear and greed index is currently pointing to extreme fear, the index value is . For comparison, yesterday this figure was equal to 11, and last week – 46.

What to prepare for next201280

At the moment, bitcoin bottomed out at 25 800 dollars, but a further pullback cannot be ruled out. On the way to 34 dollars it hardly has any significant support. In addition, one should not expect improvements in the geopolitical situation.

Crypto Market Analyst at Bitbank
Yuya Hasegawa believes that the financial market will be very risk averse investments in the near future, which is detrimental to bitcoin. She believes that the myth that the military-technical cooperation is a safe haven from inflation has now been destroyed. On the contrary, during a crisis, investors return to traditional markets.