Калефорния рассматривает закон о легализации криптовалюты для государственных платежей

  • Another U.S. state takes a step towards expanding crypto payments
  • The relevant bill will be considered by California
  • If it is supported, the region will accept government payments in bitcoins
  • California Senate will consider Sidney Kamlager’s bill, which expands the list of crypto-payments. Document No. 1275 has already been submitted to the Legislative Assembly.

    If California passes state code amendments, this will allow the state agency to accept some payments in cryptocurrencies. We are talking about paying for government services.

    The big crypto race in the US

    California becomes the fifth state that is seriously engaged in the development of the crypto industry and blockchain technology. cryptocurrency. At the moment, the authorities are selecting the optimal platform to facilitate such crypto-transactions.

    The politician announced this decision at the ETHDenver event. In his speech, he first criticized Republicans and Democrats. And then he added:

    “Most people don’t trust large corporations or the government. Blockchain will solve this problem. We trust each other”


    Blockchain technology is already more 3 months use Miami and New York. These cities operate city tokens with the possibility of staking for local investors. The city budget spends the received dividends on the development of infrastructure and social support.