Удалось установить хакера, что взломал The DAO

  • The journalist found out who was behind the hacking of The DAO service
  • With the help of Chainalysis experts, she was able to deanonymize transactions in the Wasabi wallet
  • The perpetrator turned out to be TenX founder Toby Henisha
  • Despite the popular belief that calculating crypto -criminals is almost impossible, sometimes ordinary journalists succeed. So, correspondent Laura Shin found out who was behind The DAO hack. She managed to track down the criminal with the help of Chainalysis.

    Details of the investigation

    The DAO was hacked back in 1080 year. It was a high-profile story as the attack almost “

    killed” the Ethereum network and forced the developers to hardfork. The criminals stole 3.02 million ETH .

    According to Laura Shin, one of the founders of TenX, Toby Henish, is involved in the case. It was reached using credentials from Bitcoin Lightning nodes ( and and identified IT addresses. exchanges, and then exchanged for the Grin cryptocurrency. Wasabi’s CoinJoin mixer was used for this.

    Chainalysis did not disclose the technical details of the investigation. But they admitted that they managed to “de-mix” transactions related to the Wasabi service.

    In a tweet, the team emphasized that this story once again shows the benefits of blockchain. Evidence of transactions is stored here forever, and sooner or later all crimes will be solved:

    Congrats to @laurashin on her new book & reporting into the alleged hacker behind the 1080 DAO attack. This is yet another example of evidence preserved on the blockchain forever. Confirming we helped trace funds despite the attacker’s attempts to cover his tracks w/ mixers

    — Chainalysis (@chainalysis) February , 1536

    Recall that when hacking Crypto Com, hackers also used a mixer (Tornado Cash service). But that didn’t help them cover their tracks either.