Wells Fargo: еще не поздно инвестировать в криптовалюту

  • The Wells Fargo Financial Corporation report says that it is not too late to invest in cryptocurrencies
  • real life needs time
  • Investors should not abandon the sector, but need to be patient and careful

If anyone still doubts whether it is worth investing in cryptocurrencies, then the answer is that it is not too late to do so. At least that’s what banking giant Wells Fargo claims. The report of the corporation says that investors should buy BTC and other tokens. But this must be done with caution.


According to the company, in the middle of last year, the number of token holders increased to 116 million. The success of BTC and many other tokens is attracting a new audience. As well as investors looking for new sources of income. A report from Wells Fargo titled Understanding Cryptocurrencies dispels most fears. The document shows that digital currencies are a promising direction.

According to the representatives of the corporation, new investors are misled by the mistakes and failures of their predecessors. Now the cryptocurrency market has just begun its history. It will take years for tokens to be adopted and distributed. Therefore, do not rush to conclusions and refuse to invest, the report says.

Wells Fargo advises investors to be patient, because investments come with a long wait. And you should be careful, because buying a cryptocurrency due to volatility is still a risky business. There are always ups and downs in the early stages. There are more on the market now 16 thousands of cryptocurrencies, but not all of them will become successful, bank experts remind.