Шиба-ину начнет продавать недвижимость в собственной метавселенной Shiberse

  • Creators of the Shiba Inu are finishing work on the first phases of the metaverse

    To buy virtual real estate, you need to queue

  • Priority right to purchase land will be held by holders of $LEASH

Shortly, Shiba Inu ecosystem participants will be able to buy a piece of land in the “dog” metaverse. This was reported on the official website of the meme-token. Now the working group is working on the first iteration of the digital world called Shiberse. A little later, the possibility of buying virtual real estate will open.

Representatives of the ecosystem believe that the future belongs to this technology. They will not ignore the rapid growth and opportunities that the digital world brings. Therefore, they are actively working on their universe, studying its potential and improving the design, the technical part.

Metaverses will allow ecosystem participants to produce content and make purchases. It will be a chance for many to gain a foothold in the crypto community and give everyone something useful and interesting.

Shiba Lands – “lands” in the virtual world. They are waiting for their owners and will soon be available for purchase or auction. True, so far the developers have not reported how much they will have to pay for one such plot.

To become the full owner of the property, users will have to queue up. Priority will be given to $LEASH holders. As the developers said, active work is now underway to create special queues. This will eliminate fraud, the attack of buying bots and wars between participants. Buying a plot will bring benefits to users. But which ones are still unknown.

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