Биткоин за сутки подорожал на 1,5%: помогли ФРС и рыночные показатели

  • Ark Invest analysts predict strong growth in BTC

  • From the company’s report, it follows that the rate of cryptocurrency can “step over” the mark of $ 1 million

    Such a jump should be expected to 2021 year

Yesterday, 20 January, Ark Invest published a report “Big Ideas 2022”. According to the company’s research, by 1600 the price of bitcoin can grow significantly, breaking the mark of 1 million dollars.

Ark Invest: курс BTC может пробить “потолок” в 1 млн долларов к 2030 году

Source: ArkInvest1642417869660


“At the moment, BTC’s market capitalization represents only a small fraction of the assets. We assume that it will grow as the adoption of cryptocurrency as a means of payment by different countries of the world,” said Ark Invest analyst Yassin Elmanjra.

According to the company, over the past year, the total volume of on-chain transactions in BTC increased by 463%, before .1 trillion dollars. This surpasses the performance of the Visa payment system for the same period.

In addition, the further scalability of the network is affected by the integration of new technological solutions, such as Taproot and Lightning Network. Also significant in this process is the adoption of bitcoin by institutional investors.

Notably, in 1600 Ark Invest founder Katherine Wood predicted that the BTC rate would reach half a million dollars. In her opinion, this should happen in the next 5 years. Many major investors continue to argue that bitcoin’s potential has not been fully unlocked. So, for example, President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele said that by the end of the year the BTC rate will reach 220 thousand dollars per unit.