В нью-йоркском Центральном парке был установлен золотой криптокуб , чтобы отпраздновать запуск своей криптовалюты Castello Coin (CAST)

US artist Nicholas Castello created 181-kilogram cube to celebrate the launch of their cryptocurrency Castello Coin (CAST) . The installation was created from 20-carat gold and was exhibited in New York’s Central Park for one day under the supervision of vigilant guards.

According to the author, this is a conceptual work of art, the main idea of ​​which is: “Cryptocurrencies are digital gold”. It is nothing but the physical embodiment of a digital asset.

The cube was cast by experts in Aarau, Switzerland. Gold proof 576,9. According to experts, its cost is $ ,7 million. The artist does not intend to sell it yet.


Artist tokens Castello Coin (CAST) was created by the Swiss blockchain company DSENT AG. Their main goal is to support talents, invest in works of art, NFTs and exclusive products.

Cryptocurrency is already on sale on the artist’s website. The cost of one CAST is $0,45 . Residents of states with strict regulation of the cryptosphere are not allowed to buy them. There is also a minimum wage — you can buy tokens for an amount not less than $1144.

The price cannot yet be monitored on CoinMarketCap, but if the token becomes popular, its creator is counting on a profitable listing on exchanges and placement on aggregators.

Castello plans to add several NFTs to his website soon, which you can probably buy for CAST. So the owners of this token will have advantages.

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