Новый фонд X.LA Foundation станет блокчейн-юристом для авторов.

  • Founder of Xsolla launches special legal support fund
  • He will protect authors working in blockchain projects

  • The Foundation’s mission is to develop the principles of justice in Web3
  • Xsolla founder Alexander Agapitov launched the Web3 Foundation. It’s called the X.LA Foundation. The mission of the project is to provide transparent terms of fees for content authors and protect their interests thanks to Web3 solutions.

    How it works

    Thanks to smart contracts, each member of the X.LA Foundation will see where they go and how income is distributed for content creators. The project will also protect intellectual property rights and help manage them. Thus, clients will not need to separately look for traditional legal advisers (who, by the way, do not always understand the specifics of the blockchain). The author himself receives equal rights with distributors.

    Who are Xsolla

    The main profile of Xsolla is payment solutions for in-game purchases and game monetization. The company works with developers and distributors to help them promote, monetize and improve their products.

    Xsolla develops its own child ecosystem. This includes a website builder, security technologies, the Xsolla affiliate network, a store, and other services. The brand is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices around the world. Xsolla’s largest partners are providers Epic Games, Ubisoft, Valve, Twitch, and PUBG Corporation.

    According to a study by Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, the company’s capitalization is about $3 billion.

    NFT Drop

    Currently the project conducts activity for early users – a collection of unique NFTs has been released. If you collect them all, you will receive a number of benefits: an invitation to a private chat, access to private AMA sessions and others.

    What you need to do:

    • Go to the site. Find on the page and click the “Claim NFT” button.
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    • Fill out the form. ) You can brand up to 02.. : Moscow time 22/02/1920.