Warner Music откроет виртуальный концерт-холл на платформе The Sandbox

  • Warner Music Group moves to the virtual space

  • The company signed an agreement with The Sandbox to create a concert hall and a music park on a dedicated cluster

  • Fans will be able to “settle” in the neighborhood by purchasing nearby “islands” as part of the sale in March this year
  • We have previously talked about the possibility of holding concerts in the metaverses. Animal Concerts promised to organize the first performances this month. But it can be bypassed.

    The Sandbox announced the creation of a virtual concert hall and music park as part of an agreement with Warner Music. The company will even host a nearby cluster sale this March so fans can get closer to their idols.

    Манйкрафт мира Крипто игр - The Sandbox

    According to The Sandbox COO Sebastian Beaujret, the agreement moves the idea of ​​the metaverses “one step closer to the fans and the community.”

    The director of technology and business development at WMG was less modest in her assessment of the partnership:

    Манйкрафт мира Крипто игр - The Sandbox

    “Warner Music has provided the virtual equivalent of luxury beachfront real estate.”


    The company plans to develop modern and exciting trends in music. There will be premieres, solo performances and large-scale concerts. In the mentioned material from the beginning of the article, we have already described the advantages of this approach. We previously reported that the US division of Binance will open an office in the metaverse. If you want to learn more about The Sandbox platform, we recommend that you study our material on this topic.

    Манйкрафт мира Крипто игр - The Sandbox