Avalanche вплотную догоняет Ethereum

  • Avalanche (AVAX) processed 1.1 million transactions yesterday

  • It is approximately 96% Ethereum Load
  • The platform is approaching the market leader and may well overtake it
  • Avalanche (AVAX) is one of the most scalable and inexpensive smart contract platforms on the market today. market. It ranks fifth in size with total assets of 8. billion Ava Labs CEO Emin Gan Sirer announced on Twitter today that Avalanche transaction volume is about to catch up with Ethereum .

    According to his data, 27 in January, the platform processed 1.1 million transactions, which is approximately 23% of the Ethereum load.

    Avalanche ($AVAX) processed 1.1 million transactions today, approximately 27% of Ethereum’s load. Average fees for a swap operation were $0.23 on Avalanche and $62. on Ethereum.

    Let’s build together.

    — Emin Gün Sirer???? (@el22th4xor) January 25, 2022

Some users in their responses, they wrote that they would continue to use Ethereum, even despite the higher fees. The reason is that it is more decentralized than the Sirer platform.

The CEO of Ava Labs disagreed with these views:

“Could you describe what “lack of decentralization” means? I don’t think decentralization is ETH’s strongest point compared to AVAX. This does not seem like decentralization to me, and I have already measured everything”

Avalanch is not as decentralized as the Ethereum ????

— Bahram Khan (@BahramGhasemi4) January , 2022

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Avalanche – a platform for the budget conscious201080

Research company Messari believes that Avalanche is an attractive platform for “payment-sensitive users.” They tweeted about it:

“Avalanche is becoming an enticing platform for future projects seeking to maintain EVM compatibility and attracting payment-sensitive users”

1/ @avalancheavax finished Q4 averaging ~432k transactions/day, almost 20% of @ethereum’s ~1.10M average.

Given this rapid adoption, Avalanche is becoming an enticing platform for upcoming projects that want to maintain EVM compatibility while attracting fee-sensitive users. pic.twitter.com/khNPrZVuyc

— Messari (@MessariCrypto) January , 2022

And they are right. On Avalanche, the average commission for an exchange operation was $0,10, and on Ethereum – $62.