Cyber VR и Rarible обьеденились, создавая виртуальный маркетплейс

    Cyber ​​merge with Rarible
  • Users of the VR platform will be able to view and buy tokens from the marketplace directly in the metaverse
  • Over time, other sites will be integrated into the application , for example, OpenSea

Today, February, Cyber ​​and Rarible announced a partnership agreement. The marketplace will be able to list the tokens deployed on the site in the Cyber ​​3D virtual space.

Thus, users will be able to view, select and buy NFTs right in the metaverse. This is possible thanks to the open source Rarible internet protocol.

“Today we laid the first brick in the foundation of a new company in the field of the metaverse built with the help of the blockchain community,” said Cyber ​​CEO Ryan Butaleb.

Remarkably, the Cyber ​​and Rarible project is unique in nature. This is an example of an effective pairing of NFT and metaverse technologies, which promotes both directions.

Currently, the new platform only works with ETH-based tokens deployed on the Rarible marketplace. All users of the Cyber ​​VR client will have access to it. When the integration is completed, it will be possible to view NFTs not only on Rarible, but also on other sites using the marketplace code using the Cyber ​​application. This will significantly expand the coverage of the target audience and give a new impetus to the development of the token market.