Due to the “military operation” (read “direct intervention”) of the Russian Federation throughout Ukraine, we believe that it is inappropriate to simply continue writing about crypto as usual. In addition, all our thoughts now are about the current situation and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Therefore, we decided to collect basic information for you that will help save the lives of you and your loved ones, help the Ukrainian military and ordinary people, draw the attention of the world community to this catastrophe, as well as influence the leadership of the Russian Federation and persuade them to stop the bloodshed.

If you have useful information that can supplement this note, send it to us at @IncryptedContactBot and we’ll update the article.

Simple Security Tips

In this section, we present the materials issued by the official departments of Ukraine. Believe me, these simple tips can save your life.

  • From ourselves, we want to remind you once again:

  • Stay at home or in specially prepared shelters. Do not walk on the streets and parks, it is very dangerous!
  • Moving on highways especially near the war zone – deadly. You may come under fire from the troops of the Russian Federation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the territorial defense.
  • Seal the windows tape, plus you can hang blankets. It can protect you from splinters. And do not go to the windows, stay in the depths of apartments and houses.
  • If the bomb shelter or cellars are inaccessible, try to stay in rooms or corridors without windows. You can lie directly in the bath, but you should remove the mirror, if possible, to protect yourself from splinters.

    How to stop bleeding if necessary: ​​

  • As tampons, you can use folded gauze moistened with a solution of sodium chloride, or some kind of antiseptic.

  • As a tourniquet, you can use a tourniquet, or a belt, a rope – whatever is at hand. It is necessary to tighten the tourniquet above the wound.
  • Time is needed for doctors who will provide further medical assistance.
  • After stopping the bleeding, you should immediately call qualified doctors. Or, depending on the situation, take the wounded to the hospital. (Number 77))
  • What to do in case of fractures

    Another common problem is fractures. Full instructions on what can and cannot be done at this link.

  • UPD: thanks to the help of our subscribers, we are adding a few more useful resources that can really help.

      Help for refugees in different countries, a list of bomb shelters – link

      List of links for donations and information support – link

    How can I help?

  • For those who have who has the ability and desire to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the state of Ukraine financially, there are several ways (including crypto).

      • Requisites for direct assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (opened special accounts in different fiat currencies) — all information on the website of the National Bank at the link.
      • Unchain.Fund is an initiative of cryptans, among which Ilya Polosukhin (NEAR), Andrei Veliky (AllBridge), Dmitry Budorin (Hacken) and others. There is a Russian-language chat.
      • Crypto donations from Ukrainian exchanges: Kuna and Whitebit.
      • FEDOROV – Minister of MinTsifra also published details for donations in crypto
      • UkraineDAO is a project launched by Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, a member of the Pussy Riot group. The goal is to raise funds for donations to Ukrainian civil organizations. Link to discord and Twitter.
      • There is
      • page on UkraineNow, where you can help or find help with transport, medicines, and so on. Housing issues can be resolved on this site.

        By the way, the army can be translated “covid 730″ (details). And everyone who is registered on the FTX exchange and (or) in the FTX application (ex. Blockfolio) and passed KYC for a Ukrainian passport received $ 02. For the exchange and the application, as a result $ 17. They can also be transferred to support in one of the above ways. Well, look at the messages from the Territorial Defense points in your region, they write about what they need most at the moment.

        We remind you that if you have additional verified organizations, worth supporting, send them to us at @IncryptedContactBot

        Information Pressure

        The Internet is a powerful force that can also influence what happens. Especially when thousands and millions of users join together! At the moment there are several problems:

      • Lack of awareness about what is really happening in the countries of Europe and in the USA
      • The indecision of Western politicians is with regard to direct support to Ukraine


      • , there is a letter from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in English, which describes what is happening at the moment, what kind of support we need, and so on. If you know Western influencers, politicians, journalists, post this letter on your social networks and tag them.

        Secondly, there is an initiative to reach out to Western leaders (German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron, US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson) with three main requests:

      • Disable RF from SWIFT system #BanRussiafromSwift
      • Protect Ukrainian airspace #CloseTheSky
      • Send NATO troops to Ukraine #SendNatoToUkraine
      • The algorithm is:


        1. Post a Tweet

        Dear @OlafScholz @EmmanuelMacron @JoeBiden @BorisJohnson Please #BanRussiafromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine


      • 1. Go to the official pages of politicians:

      • https://www.
      • /EmmanuelMacron
      • 2. Write a comment under each post:

        Ban Russia from SWIFT! Protect Ukrainian Sky! Send NATO to Ukraine! #BanRussiafromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine

        3. Post the same text as your own post


        one. Post and stream with this text:

        Dear @bundeskanzler @emmanuelmacron @joebiden @borisjohnsonuk Please #BanRussiafromSwift #CloseTheSky #SendNatoToUkraine

        If If you have additional ideas and thoughts on how we can help, please send them to us at @IncryptedContactBot

        Psychological support

        Many of us have faced Deal with another problem that is clearly underestimated – psychological problems, stress and panic.

        “Square breathing”

        Very effective in panic attacks, in order to reduce anxiety, calm the body and lead in order to heartbeat and breathing.

      • Long deep breath for 4- 5 Accounts
      • 3-5 Second Delay
      • Long soft exhalation for 4-5 counts
      • Delay 3-5 seconds

      If you feel severe anxiety and panic, do this exercise until it becomes easier. Usually should be enough – of similar breaths.

      In addition, there are communities on Facebook for psychological support during time of hostilities. For example, according to this link. And here in the comments there are many psychologists who are ready to provide professional assistance.

      Look around

      One of the really effective ways to cope with psychological pressure is to help others. So you get distracted and do what is really useful in this situation.

      As Sam wrote in his Twitter thread Beckman-Fried:

      “Fuck all this price stuff. Go outside and do something nice for someone. Seriously, do something nice. The world could use it.”

      There are probably people around you who need your help: lonely old people, single mothers, disabled people and just your loved ones.

      Eat and sleep

      Don’t forget the elementary eat and sleep. This is very important, although not easy. Let yourself rest for at least 5-6 hours a day and eat the necessary amount of food, otherwise you will not be able to make adequate decisions. If you can’t eat regular food, occasionally eat something sweet to keep your energy levels up.

      Sources of information

      There is a huge amount of unverified and often frankly fake information on the network. And incorrect information leads to an incorrect assessment of the situation, and this is dangerous. Therefore, we give sources that publish verified information (at least they were not seen in fakes).

      • TG New Edition —
      • TG Perepichka News —
      • TG Ukraine Online —
      • TG News GRP —
    1. From official sources:

    2. Vladimir Zelensky’s Twitter – https://
    3. Twitter of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine — https://twitter. com/DefenceU
    4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MFA_Ukraine
    5. TG Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine —

      In addition, subscribe to the official representatives of the Authority in your region , because from there you can learn about air raid alerts and local infrastructure features, or about the needs of the army where you live. (In Nikolaev, for example, this is the channel of the Nikolaev Regional Administration –

      But try not to watch the news every 5 seconds. This will not give you more information, but will only increase your stress level.

      As a reminder, if you have additional verified sources of information, please send them to us at @IncryptedContactBot.

      What to do with crypto?

      We will not write about what to do with crypto under normal conditions. We have been writing and talking about this for the last 4 years. This section contains some tips on what to do in the current situation, especially under stress.


      • Do not panic.
      • No emotional transactions. Neither buying nor selling. Try to make informed decisions, and it is better to refrain from transactions for now. You can buy something “on Loyah” and get a second bottom as a gift. Or sell something that has been held for a long time and it will fly away. The market is unpredictable. If you make a decision, then it should be based on DYOR, and not on emotions.
      • Swap fiat for stablecoins.
      • If you have a large fiat savings and you are afraid that it may hang for a long time due to the current situation, try buying stablecoins. But do not store them on exchanges, immediately transfer them to mobile or cold wallets. And be sure to leave some in fiat so that you can pay in stores, pharmacies and gas stations.
    6. Important: under normal conditions, you can it would be to use different OTC, exchangers and other methods. But now there are a huge number of scammers who are ready to cash in on the current situation. Therefore, use proven platforms, such as the Binance exchange and buying crypto from a card or through a verified P2P service.

    7. Study. To get a little distraction if the situation around you allows you to spend a couple of hours on a laptop or smartphone, use this time to learn something new, learn something.

      See the “For Beginners” section on the site, as well as in Telegram, we made a selection of useful things, which consists of playlists on YouTube .

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    8. The Incrypted team believes that this so-called “military operation” is a direct and illegal intervention of the Russian Federation, which is unacceptable and must be stopped, and those responsible must be punished. IN century there can be no place for this. Only negotiations and diplomacy, albeit tough, but without human casualties.

      We will not delve into the history of the issue, because, firstly, we are not experts, and secondly, because this is a topic for a separate large material, and we have a channel about crypto, not about politics. At the moment, people are really dying, which means that all other analytical research and disputes lose their relevance until the bloodshed is stopped.

      We have a huge number of friends and acquaintances from Russia who, just like us, are shocked by what is happening and are resolutely against this military aggression. There are adequate and inadequate people in every country.

      to the negotiating table.

    9. #NoWar