Today the whole world is going through far from easy times when the economy is collapsing and money is depreciating before our eyes. A natural question that people ask is how to maintain the value of their savings? has become increasingly insistent over the past two years amid the devastation caused by the pandemic. For many, the answer to this question was cryptocurrencies — digital assets that are especially valued by investors for their decentralization and independence from government policies.

In order to start earning on trading virtual currencies, you need to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. The choice of exchanges is wide; they, unlike traditional stock exchanges, work /7 on any day of the week and are ready to take on board a participant of any level – as experienced players, and those who are just starting their journey into the world of virtual currency.

There are few exchanges that are truly suitable for both a professional and a beginner, and one of them is Tidex, a platform that, on the one hand, it has been on the market for a long time, and on the other hand, it is experiencing rapid development today, introducing the latest trends in the IT sphere, such as the metauniverse and the launchpad.

About the Tidex exchange: history and development

For many years, the Tidex team has been creating innovative acquiring products that make the payment and accounting process cash and non-cash payments simple and convenient. In this niche, Tidex has reached the top and is in the lead. In 2017 Tidex opened a cryptocurrency exchange of the same name, which today is highly valued by market participants for its low commissions, full transparency and profitable products offered to users.

In year, Tidex made a technical update of the system – in particular, its software core was significantly upgraded, which made it possible to significantly increase productivity and platform speed.

Metaverse: implementation of the main trend years

If in the previous couple of years the main trend in the cryptosphere was decentralized finance, then in 98 the metaverses became it.

Tidex did not stand aside from time requests: the exchange team claims that by the end of 2022 years they will launch their own metaverse. Tidex believes that the metaverse will bring the cryptocurrency industry to a new, higher level of development, will become a kind of gateway for the widespread adoption of digital assets that will be widely used in financial transactions, without the restrictions that currently apply to a number of fiat currencies due to the complex geopolitical environment.

Tidex early investment platform

Modern forms of crypto-crowdfunding – IEO and IDO – are much safer for the investor than the same ICO. Today, initial token offerings take place on special platforms that act as a kind of intermediary between investors and the project. As a rule, before giving a green light to a startup, the exchanges conduct an audit of its product and team, screening out fraudulent and frankly weak projects. Over the past year and a half, the most popular place for pre-sales of tokens has become special platforms – launchpads.

In the next few months, Tidex is also going to launch its own launchpad, where young projects can introduce themselves to the community investors.

Advantages of the Tidex crypto exchange

    171329Low commission fees: trading commissions are determined depending on trading activity and do not exceed 0.2%. There is a free deposit and low withdrawal fees for all assets.
  • Advanced tools: no matter if you are an experienced trader or just starting out, Tidex offers advanced charting features that allow traders to visualize orders, positions, and price alerts.
  • Secure platform: 98% of customer funds are kept offline. Tidex uses automatic DDoS protection, creates daily backups, and mandatory enables 2FA for all users.
  • Internal exchanger , where cryptocurrencies are converted with zero commission. You can buy cryptocurrencies on Tidex directly from the card.
  • 171329Otcommercial codes: simplify the process of transferring cryptocurrencies between users of the exchange. With codes, transactions between users are credited instantly and without commission. This payment method is as simple, fast and safe as possible.

  • Staking with high interest is actually passive income, where that you hold certain coins in the exchange wallet, you get a percentage of the amount held in staking. Now, for example, the famous AAVE is staking at 3.5% per day.

Updated Tidex exchange invites everyone, from beginners to pros, to join it and take advantage of all the benefits it provides.

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