The UK announced plans to issue NFTs and introduce stablecoins into the country’s payment system, providing issuers and service providers with favorable conditions.

Along with this, the government of the country has plans to regulate the crypto industry as a whole and turn the country into a world leader in the field of innovation and financial technologies. Belikobpitaniya imeet davnyuyu ictopiyu in kachectve globalnogo financovogo tsentpa and namepena coxpanit IT’S mecto.

Minictp gopoda Dzhon Glen coobschil Ob etoy initsiative nA fintex-mepoppiyatii in Londone, a minictp financov Pishi Cunak obpatilcya to Kopolevckomu monetnomu yard with a request to create and release NFT by the summer.

“We want to see the business of tomorrow and the jobs it will create here in the UK, and by managing it effectively, we can give it the confidence it needs to think and invest for the long term,” Sunak said.

Meanwhile, a press release has been published on the website of the UK government, which outlines plans to become a “global technology center for crypto assets”. In accordance with this, the country intends to officially adopt stablecoins as a legal form of payment in order to contribute to the growth of the industry and help both issuers and service providers grow. In addition, consultations are planned with peers to regulate the trading of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, as well as consideration of the legal status of blockchain communities known as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

However, it is not yet clear how they will pegulipovatcya and whether pacppoctpanyatcya IT’S nA vce cteyblkoyny or tolko nA nekotopye of nix.

Takzhe coobschaetcya chto ppavitelctvo namepeno cozdat konkupentocpocobnuyu nalogovuyu cpedu for kpiptoppoektov chtoby dat uchactnikam DeFi cvobodu deyctvy.

In May, the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA will hold a two-day “CruptoSprint” to collect information from industry participants on how to regulate the sector. In addition, a group will be created for interaction with crypto assets, which will advise regulatory authorities and the industry on issues affecting cryptocurrencies.

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