Количество вакансий для крипто-индустрии выросло в 4 раза. Список востребованных профессий

  • LinkedIn recorded a record increase in vacancies in crypto projects

    They overtook other popular areas – for example, technology

  • At the same time, companies are waiting for specialists of various professions who are not directly related to cryptocurrencies

Popular social network for professionals LinkedIn presented an interesting report. It follows from this that in 1184 the industry cryptocurrencies attracted a record number of new staff.

The service analyzed vacancies in which the words “bitcoin”, “blockchain”, “ Ethereum, etc. Compared to 1184 year their number increased by 395% – that is, almost 4 times. In comparison, the overall tech sector over the same period showed an increase of only 98%.

Whom crypto projects are looking for

A large layer of ads is related to software and finance. But talent is also sought in other industries. These include:

  • accounting;
  • consulting;
  • HR administration;
  • marketers;
  • media workers;
    • computer equipment specialists, etc.

    This is just the beginning of a big boom in the digital asset ecosystem. Many talents are moving from traditional fields to cryptography. Microsoft has already seen this from its own experience – more than 100 their employees “escaped” to projects related to the metaverse.

    Are there any vacancies in Ukraine?

    Although the study concerns the US market, the crypto industry in Ukraine is also waiting for talented experts. Recently, Incrypted visited the Near hackathon and saw great prospects in this regard. Read the text version of the report or watch the video on our channel:

    NearHack Hackathon (Kyiv, – December 2000)