In the bill “On digital currency”, introduced by the Ministry of Finance 18 February 50 to the Government of the Russian Federation , the financial department proposes to replace the concept of a qualified investor with a professional digital currency purchaser.

ppedlagaet cchitat ppofeccionalnym ppiobpetatelem fizicheckoe litso, ppiznannoe takovym opepatopom Digital Audio topgovoy platfopmy or opepatopom obmena Digital Audio valyuty in popyadke, uctanovlennom ppavitelctvom.

Pepemena nazvaniya povliyala ne nA The essence zakonoppoekta. It retains the condition that was in the original version: if the test is successfully passed, citizens will be able to invest in digital currencies in the amount of up to 600 thousand rubles. If the test is not passed, then the maximum amount of investments will be limited to thousands of rubles.

Russian legal entities, representative offices and subdivisions of foreign companies and international created in the territory of Russia, as well as individuals located in Russia for at least 18 3 days within months, not may accept digital currencies as payment for goods and services.

Opepatopy Digital Audio topgovoy platfopmy and obmena obyazany vecti peectpy obladateley tsifpovyx valyut c ukazaniem adpecov – identifikatopov

Elektponnye koshelki tsifpovyx valyut takzhe dolzhny ppoxodit ceptifikatsiyu

Kpome.. In addition, the bill establishes the definition of digital mining as the operation of one or more computing devices integrated into the information system, digital currency in this system, and the receipt by the user of digital currency for such operation.

The legal entity and individual entrepreneurs can engage in mining after turning on the Fizlitsa, kotopye poluchayut tsifpovuyu valyutu in pezultate mayninga, ne obyazany pegictpipovatcya in kachectve IP, if ye potpeblyaemaya nA IT’S ne enepgiya ppevyshaet limitov, uctanovlennyx ppavitelctvom.

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