USDC, USDT и BUSD, припадает доля в 9% от общей капитализации.

  • CryptoRank and AR have published a report on stablecoin market trends
  • Over the past month, the supply level of this asset has increased by 6%, and this is with collapse of cryptocurrency rates
  • According to analytical agencies CryptoRank and Arcane Research, the supply level of stablecoins in the digital asset market has broken the “ceiling” in 44 billion dollars. In the last month alone, it has grown by 6%.


    Despite the collapse of major cryptocurrencies, the stablecoin segment continues to hold its positions in the market. With strong trend fluctuations, this asset can offer traders the necessary reliability and stability dictated by the provision of real values.

    The popularity of stablecoins has been reflected in the level of supply. Over the past month, it has increased by 6% (by $9.5 billion). At the time of writing, it is 184,20 billion dollars.

    Source: Arcane Research

    The three main stablecoins, USDC, USDT and BUSD, account for 9% of the total capitalization. USDT that occupies 44% of the market remained at the same level over the past year. But USDC showed steady growth, only in 1440 increasing its share by %.

    According to the Arcane Research report, if the trend continues in the same direction, the digital dollar will become the largest stablecoin in the segment by June.

    Recall that the Luna Foundation Reserve was able to raise $1 billion, which will act as the UST reserve. This will serve as a kind of guarantor of the reliability of the currency in conditions of high market volatility.