Бренд PUMA сменил свой аккаунт в Twitter на PUMA.eth

  • Famous sports brand PUMA has changed its Twitter account to PUMA.eth
  • They also registered the domain ENS
  • Therefore, we are waiting for projects with NFTs and metaverses from the company
  • The Puma brand held back for a long time in order not to follow Nike and Adidas into the blockchain world. But now, it seems, they “infected” with this trend. Yesterday the company bought an ENS domain. She also changed her Twitter address to Puma.eth.


    What does an account with a .ETH address mean20210

    Domains that end in .ETH are tokenized Ethereum addresses. The owner of such an address can receive transfers in cryptocurrency, tokens and other digital assets. Also, the link can store profile information, such as website address, avatar, e-mail.

    Many big brands have already created such special Twitter accounts. For example, the Budweiser beer company bought the Beer.eth address for 30 Ethers.

    Puma NFT Plans20210

    The Puma ENS domain opens up a wide field of opportunities for the brand. But it is not yet known how they will use it. Some companies issue fan-made NFTs, others give away tokens to loyal customers or organize sweepstakes. So, Samsung gave commemorative NFTs to all customers who pre-ordered the new flagship Galaxy S. True, the action was held only in South Korea.

    But for now, Puma positions itself simply as a collector “

    for the soul “. From the OpenSea page, we learn that the company already has art tokens from various NFT collections. The firm is attracted by the cat theme. They purchased CatBlox, Cool Cats NFT, Gutter Cat, Lazy Lions, and Gutter Cat Gang.

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