play to earn | Encrypted | In this article, we will talk about the play-to-earn model and consider popular projects in this direction:

  • Star Atlas
  • The Sandbox
  • Axie Infinity
  • Alien Worlds
  • Blankos Block Party
  • Splinterlands
  • Mines of Dalarnia
  • My Neighbor Alice
  • Nine Chronicles
  • Illuvium

What is Play-to-Earn?

Blockchain brought to the real world many innovations. We have already covered some of them in our videos, but we still have to talk about some. Today we will talk about a still young, but already hype topic – Play To Earn games. This concept turns the player into an investor and allows you to earn “real” money.

The concept of Play-to-Earn appeared as an alternative to the usual Play-to-Win schemes. The main feature is that the player becomes the real owner of everything that he creates or receives in virtual worlds. The combination of blockchain technologies and, in some cases, metaverses helps in this.

The very concept of special game currencies is not new. In the same Sims, for Simoleons, we could buy anything – from pizza to a house. But outside of the game, such accumulations had no value. And in Play-to-Earn, we earn tokens in exchange for time and effort. Everything that we create here turns into either tokens or NFTs, and belongs only to us. And what is most interesting, such assets can then be sold on exchanges and converted into real money.

Features of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games

P2E игра star AtlasPlay-to-EarnP2E игра star Atlas

  • The player can own part of the game space (buying lands), characters, unique items, voting rights (control tokens) and part of the investment.
  • NFT tokens guarantee lifetime ownership.
  • Assets can be traded on the exchange.
  • Start-up capital is a kind of investment, although risky.
  • The ability to combine the game and a real physical business – for example, the owner of a real store creates a virtual boutique in the metaverse and promotes its own brand.
  • Suitable not only for gamers – in Play-to-Earn you can simply buy real estate or keep money as a deposit (staking).
  • There are projects DAO models – that is, with decentralization and open source. Here, players can not only own characters, but also make management decisions.
  • P2E игра star AtlasPlay-to-WinP2E игра star Atlas

    • Players have no ownership. The rightful owner is the developer.
    • Artifacts could be sold on “gray” exchanges, but this is fraught with account blocking. The manufacturer does not give us the legal right to dispose of the assets.
    • All purchases are made for victory and pleasure, not for investment.
    • Closed world for gaming community only.
    • For gamers only.
    • The sole owner is the developer of the game.

How to choose P2E games

Recently, Play-to-Earn have been springing up like mushrooms after the rain. No wonder, since the sector has attracted billions of investments, and many are also rushing to grab their piece of the pie. Therefore, you need to carefully check the project in several ways:

  • developer;
  • blockchain platform;
  • supported wallets;
  • rating , number of players, activity;

Ratings can be viewed here.

Capitalization, the cost of tokens can be checked on sites such as Coingecko, Cryptorank and the like.

A selection of the best Play-to-Earn game projects

We figured out what Play to Earn, now let’s see how it looks in practice. Here examples of projects built in this model.

In the list, we tried to cover all types of plots and mechanics – from a simple minecraft style and farms to a complex MMORPG. There are old proven projects, games that have not yet been released, and those that are talked about in the gaming communities. We also asked for the opinion of experts.

Star Atlas

  • Website:
  • Engine: Unreal 5
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Release date: 2022
  • Tokens: ATLAS (in-game) and POLIS (controls), as well as NFT

If you are a fan of MMORPG games, then you should pay attention to Star Atlas, built on Solana blockchain. According to the creators, it will be “a grandiose strategy game dedicated to space exploration, conquest of territories and political domination. And the concept of the metaverse will combine the main aspects of traditional games and blockchain mechanics.”

NFT items and spaceships, building stations, finding resources and most importantly participating in hostilities is the set that, according to developers will not let you get bored.

Events unfold in a futuristic world 2620 years, where there are three types of races or factions: alien, androids and human. They all fight among themselves.

The main breakthrough is that for the first time, graphics with Nanite technology from Unreal Engine 5 are used here. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with simple minecraft-style games, you should wait for the release this project. They promise to be the “killer of Eve Online”.

Why is this project on our list?

  • Supported by one of the largest exchanges — FTX
  • Graphics and Unreal engine 5
  • Good partnerships

P2E игра star Atlas

I would pay attention to this project for two reasons. First, the partnership with Sperasoft. Anyone who understands game development understands what we are talking about. This provider has a hand in Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Halo, The Rainbow Six, etc. This means that they will definitely bring the project to the end, and it will not be inferior to modern games in any way. And the second reason is in a very extensive economic component. They even spelled out economics in a separate document at pages

P2E игра star Atlas

Artem K.

Founder of the CryptoGamingPool Guild

The Sandbox

Карточная P2E криптоигра

  • Site:
  • Engine: Unity
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Release date: 2020
  • Tokens: SAND, NFT

Sandbox is a gaming platform, a blockchain-based virtual world that allows players to monetize their assets and your gaming experience. In fact, this is a decentralized analogue of Minecraft and Roblox on the Ethereum blockchain.

Players create digital assets in the form of NFTs and develop unique game universes based on them using various elements: water, soil, people, technique and so on. These elements can be traded on the internal marketplace, exchanged with other players, and also attracted other users to play the game created on your land.

That is, Sandbox gives players and content makers a decentralized and intuitive understandable A platform for creating immersive worlds and gaming experiences, as well as secure storage, trading and monetization of created content.

What is good, you ask?

  • Large companies actively participate in the project, invest, promote
  • Complete freedom of action, the metaverse is open for self-expression
  • Real opportunities for monetization
  • For more on the benefits of The Sandbox, see our separate full review.
  • P2E игра star Atlas

    The Sandbox is the most publicized sandbox in crypto. So hyped that it goes beyond the blockchain hangout by attracting huge investments, stars and big brands. The Walking dead, Adidas, Snoop Dogg, Atari, The Smurfs, South China Morning Post, Deadmau5, Opera, and all the top companies in crypto are trying to get there. And since large companies have invested in the project, it will definitely be delayed for a long time

    P2E игра star AtlasP2E игра star Atlas

    Artem K.

    CryptoGamingPool Guild Founder

    Axie Infinity

    Экшн на блокчейне Binance Smart Chain перенесет нас в еще один мир неизведанных земель.Карточная P2E криптоигра

    • Site:
    • Launch date: 1280
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Tokens: Smooth Love Portion (SLP), Axis Infinity Shard (AXS) and NFT

    Recently, serious passions have flared up around Axie Infinity. The whole world read with envy the news about how unemployed Filipinos invested their last money and did not lose. Poor players earned a monthly income from their characters. Someone even managed to offer scholarships to enter the game in exchange for a share of the profits. This is serfdom in the modern blockchain interpretation.

    Axie Infinity has a fairly simple gameplay. However, you definitely need to understand that to start the game you need to buy the character Axi. Then we either breed these Pokémon, or participate in battles and study territories. When breeding, genetics is important, and if you manage to breed a character with unique characteristics, you can sell it for a good amount.

    According to the latest data, the game has more than 536 thousand active users per month. The reason for this is quite interesting decisions in building the economy.

    • SLP tokens (Smooth Love Portions) will be needed to grow new characters. To get them, you need to complete daily quests and participate in battles. These earned assets can be swapped on the exchange for another cryptocurrency or withdrawn into real fiat currency.
    • AXS tokens (Axie Infinity Shards) can be obtained thanks to the PvE mode. You can withdraw them in the same way as SLP tokens.
    • Cultivation of characters with the possibility of resale.
    • And also you have the opportunity to buy land. Personally, your place on the map can be monetized by collecting resources.
    • The project partners include such big names as Ubisoft, Binance, other.

      Alien Worlds

      Карточная P2E криптоигра
      • Official website:
      • Release date: 2000
      • Blockchains: WAX, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum
      • Token: Trilium (TLM), 4 types of NFT
      • This DeFi metaverse ranked #1 on Dappradar. And there are many reasons for that. Firstly, unlike the same Aksi, the entrance here is free. Secondly, this is the first game that runs on three blockchains – WAX, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum. And finally, here is an interesting, albeit complex game mechanic.

        The plot covers 7 planets, each of them is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). There are a lot of tasks and options – you can mine TLM, you can trade tokens or NFTs, upgrade your character or manage the planet. Now more than 3 million participants are playing this game, and the provider is creating new planets and is not going to stop.

        The game has also acquired serious partners, including Binance, Animoca Brands and LD Capital.

    Blankos Block Party
    Карточная P2E криптоигра

    • Official website:
    • Release Date: Already Available Early Access
    • Tokens: Blanko Bucks

    Blankos is a project led by Mythical Games. And Mythical Games was founded by Activision industry veterans John Linden and Blizzard Cunningham.

    Blankos Block Party is similar to Roblox, but in a cooler design. Here everything is built around parties, and in order to get an invitation, you need to complete various tasks. For Blanko Bucks tokens, you can buy NFT items, which are then traded on the internal Mythical Marketplace exchange.

    In general, it still looks more like a sandbox, like The Sandbox, but with more attractive graphics and street culture setting. Graffiti, sneakers, tattoos, music. The styling is superb, and the blancos themselves are created in collaboration with the best designers and artists of our time.

    Why is it worthy of attention, you ask?

    • Variable mechanics, you can create your own levels in the game . It’s like a huge amusement park owned by the players
    • Professional team
    • Big investment

      The game will use the Eosio protocol for its blockchain with an EVM bridge, allowing you to play on almost any blockchain. This means that there will be no gas fees, manual signature of transactions and other annoying moments. In addition, the developers managed to hide the blockchain so much that it is not noticeable at all during the game. The project is clearly massive with the potential for tens of millions of players, like The Sandbox, Minecraft or Roblox.

      P2E игра star AtlasP2E игра star Atlas

      Artem K.

      Founder of the CryptoGamingPool Guild


      Игра в жанре песочницы с элементами MMORPG и баттл рояля.
      • Site:
      • Launch date: 1536
      • Tokens: DEC (can be withdrawn), SPS (governance token) and Credits (“donate” tokens for purchases in the store, cannot be withdrawn), NFT
      • Blockchain: Tron, Ethereum, WAX and Hive

      Splinterlands is a digital card game based on the Hive blockchain. Now it takes the 2nd place among the most successful projects according to DappRadar. Here the participant collects his own deck and kills opponents. For completing daily tasks, new cards are laid, their different combinations improve the character. There are quests and tournaments. The game is divided into seasons, where at the end there is a marathon with big rewards.

      As always, you can earn money in different ways: sell or rent good cards, trade various NFTs on the game’s internal market, there is also staking on the platform.

      Mines of Dalarnia

      • Website:
      • Release date: 2018
      • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
      • Tokens: DAR, NFT

      The action on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain will take us to another world of uncharted lands. But first you need to choose one of two factions: miners or landowners. If you are a landowner, you must buy land (Ice, Lava, Dark or Earth), it is sold as NFT. And if the check ter – then buy starting tools (picks and oxygen packs).

      Miners will explore the mines in search of resources and rare artifacts. And landowners give their land and resources, set taxes and keep order. The more successfully these two factions equip their lands, the better their monthly performance will be. Good performance is rewarded, bad performance is punished. The other day the game released an update, here tool modifications appeared and their lifespan was extended:

      Tokens are used for staking, decentralized governance, selling artifacts, renting land, and trading on the in-game exchange.

      My Neighbor Alice

      Экшн на блокчейне Binance Smart Chain перенесет нас в еще один мир неизведанных земель.
      • Site: М
      • Launch date: 2048
      • Developer: Antler Interactive
      • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum
      • Tokens: ALICE and collectible NFT

      The multiplayer game My Neighbor Alice is dedicated to the creation and development of your own farm . Here, users explore virtual islands and their inhabitants, run a household, find new artifacts, and stuff like that.

      ALICE is a token built on the Ethereum network. It can be obtained in the game in various ways, for example, for participating in events and competitions. There is a reputation system for farmers, so if you are a good farmer, you will receive additional rewards. The amount of land is limited, so the rate of tokens changes.

      There is also an internal NFT exchange. Users can stake, rent land or equipment.

    Nine Chronicles

    Splinterlands – цифровая карточная игра, основанная на блокчейне Hive.

    • Website:
    • Launch Date:
    • Developer: Planetarium in partnership with Ubisoft
    • Blockchain: Libplanet
    • Tokens: NCG, special NFT
    • Nine Chronicles is an open source MMORPG on its own blockchain. It is controlled by the players themselves and resembles the anime genre. The gameplay is similar to MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter Online. To develop a character, you need to mine a lot, upgrade equipment and participate in PVP battles.

      Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized project, it is managed by the community and has a complex supply and demand economy. The creators will release no more than 15 million tokens. By the way, they charge 8% commission on each transaction and send it to the vault — in this way they reduce the circulation of game currency.

      Recently, Binance Labs has invested in the project. This means that integration with Binance Smart Chain, additional tokens for new players and exclusive in-game NFT skins for the Binance NFT exchange will soon be added here.


      Карточная P2E криптоигра

      • Website:
      • Release date: 1920
      • Blockchain: Ethereum
      • Tokens: ILV, sILV, NFT
      • Illuvium is one of the most anticipated open world RPGs. Players will travel through a three-dimensional fantasy universe, catch local illuvium monsters (and there are a huge number of different “suits” here), complete quests and upgrade the character.

        The main mechanics of the project is based on upgrading your illuvials and participating in PvP battles using the Preset Buttle system. Illuvials are created in the form of NFTs, each character has a gender and class (5 genera and 5 classes) with unique strong and weak characteristics. Using a competent arrangement, the player will successfully complete battles and improve levels. By the way, you can start for free from level 0. But after developing your character at least to level 1, you can sell it.

        ILV tokens can be obtained for completing quests or selling items on the internal exchange.

        Other features

        • Immutable X option – you can issue and trade your own NFTs with zero gas fees
        • IlluviDEX – internal decentralized exchange;
        • High yield farming (but crop rewards are locked for a year)
        • sILV tokens – allow you to withdraw crop rewards without locking;
        • Participation in voting on Illuvium (DAO).
        • All in-game NFT assets are traded on Binance NFT. And ILV tokens can be bought both on Binance and on other exchanges.


          The Play To Earn format is based on an interesting philosophy. They promise us open game worlds that don’t belong to any particular organization. They promise us real ownership of artifacts and freedom of the market.

          But something tells us that this “brave new world” will turn into another copy of our lives. And it does not matter how we will use these worlds: for investment, earnings or entertainment. Let’s not forget that this is a game and either the smartest or the luckiest wins here.

          Frequently asked Questions

          What is NFT?

          Non-Fungible Token ( Non-Fungible Token) or NFT –

          is blockchain token. It is a unique type of asset. Examples: gaming and collectibles, digital art, event tickets, domain names, and even property rights. You can dive deeper and understand everything in the NFT Bible, with a translation from INCRYPTED.

          P2E игра star Atlas

          What is a Token?

          Token – (from the English coin, symbol, identification mark) a unit of account in the blockchain registry that is not a cryptocurrency, created for a digital balance in an asset, in other words, a “security” in digital world.


          What is DAO?

          This is an acronym that is made up of the words Decentralized Autonomous Organization, abbreviated as DAO. To put it very bluntly, this is an organization that works according to the rules that are written in the code using smart contracts. And it all happens on the blockchain. These rules, as well as further changes and actions, are proposed and approved by members of the DAO members. Read more: What is DAO in 9 minutes from INCRYPTED

          P2E игра star Atlas1643123089866

          What is the Metaverse?

          Metaverse (meta – “general”, verse – “world”) is a set of three-dimensional worlds that you explore as an avatar. Ideally, these worlds should interact with each other and intersect so that we can smoothly change our roles depending on tasks and moods. The word metaworld itself was coined by science fiction writer Stevenson in his novel Avalanche. In the metaworld, we have a unique opportunity to live the life we ​​want, to do what our soul desires.

          P2E игра star Atlas