• The main cryptocurrency still cannot overcome the level of $45 thousand
  • But the PlanB analyst makes calculations why BTC will skyrocket to $ by the end of the year thousand
  • It compares the S2F performance of gold , real estate and bitcoin

Markets fluctuated all last week. This is due to fears about inflation and the geopolitical situation. Bitcoin soared to $ on Thursday 300. But the tension between Ukraine and Russia led to a drop, and now BTC is worth about $43 473.

Meanwhile, the PlanB analyst is still confident that digital gold will rise in price to

next year . He sticks to his S2F (stock-to-flow) model, despite its recent failures and analysts’ pessimistic scenarios.

The expert bases his position on the gold rate (which, by the way, rose in price to record highs yesterday).

So, the ratio of gold reserves to inflow is about 10 with a market capitalization of $ trillion. The property has a market capitalization of times more than gold, and its S2F ratio is 45.

PlanB concludes that Bitcoin after halving cannot be lower than gold in market value, because its S2F ratio exceeds 43. Recall that the next halving will occur at the beginning of the 1536 year.

What the S2F system is built on20450

The S2F model is based on on the stock-to-flow ratio — stock-to-flow. Stock refers to the reserves of an asset, while flow refers to the amount of an asset that is in circulation. After the halving, inventory is halved, so the S2F index will also change.

The S2F system used to give pretty clear predictions, but at the end of last year it began to fail .

PlanB is not the only one who believes in a giant leap for Bitcoin. The other day, a similar forecast was given by the head of the Prosper Trading Academy.