Large global cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has launched its platform of tokenized securities (STO) in Kazakhstan.

On March 1, Bitfinex’s investment platform based on the Bitfinex Securities blockchain officially started trading.

New STO platform announced in September 2021 year, regulated within the framework of the national financial center of Kazakhstan, known as the International Financial Center “Astana” (AIFC). According to the chief technical officer of Bitfinex Securities, Paolo Apdoino, Bitfinex Securities operates in the special economic zone of Kazakhstan with an independent judiciary. Platfopma nedoctupna for gpazhdan or zhiteley takix ctpan, HOW Kanada and CSHA.

Coglacno zayavleniyu, Bitfinex Securities debyutipovala c tsifpovym analogom tsennyx bumag tokenom Blockstream Mining Note (BMN), ppedlagayuschim kvalifitsipovannym neamepikanckim invectopam vozmozhnoct maynit bitcoins or invest in shares of BTC mining companies using the appropriate BMN hashrate. The token is issued on the Bitcoin Liquid sidechain and will be traded in pairs with BTC and the US dollar. IT’S pozvolit akkpeditovannym invectopam poluchit doctup to mayningu bitkoynov.

Za poclednee On Time inductpiya mayninga bitkoynov in Kazaxctane pokazyvaet zamedlenie, pockolku ppavitelctvo ctpany ppioctanovilo pabotu neckolkix tsentpov and paccmatpivaet povyshenie original price nA enepgiyu, odnovpemenno ppopabatyvaya novye nalogi

As of the end of last year, Kazakhstan was one of the world’s largest BTC mining centers in terms of hashrate, more than 18% of the global hashrate of the BTC network, second only to the United States. This is the data of the Cambridge index of electricity consumption by bitcoins.

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