Somewhere Nowhere became the first New York nightclub to accept payment for its services in bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).

To launch a cryptocurrency service, the company entered into a partnership agreement with the Coinbase exchange, which will process transactions. Visitors to the establishment will have the opportunity to pay the bill with digital assets as easily and quickly as with a bank card.

It’s exciting to be a part of the futuristic era and give our guests a unique experience with the help of technology. And this is just the beginning , – said the co-founder of El Grupo SN, which owns Somewhere Nowhere, Samir Kuresh.


The leaders of El Grupo SN do not want to be limited to the implementation of cryptocurrency payments and plan to issue NFT together with the community of creators of non-fungible tokens Moonwalk. According to the idea of ​​the authors of the project, the owners of digital coins will be given access to unusual services.

Somewhere Nowhere is the highest club in New York. He enjoys great popularity thanks to the pool on the roof and a beautiful view of Manhattan. The cost of booking a table in an establishment ranges from $ 1000 to $ .

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