MicroStrategy’s MacroStrategy unit purchased 4167 BTC worth $45,5 million Michael Saylor, founder and CEO of the company, announced this.

According to him, the average the purchase price of one bitcoin was about $ 714. In total, MicroStrategy currently holds 129 129 BTC in reserves. A report for the SEC with the details of the transaction has been published on the company’s website.

According to Bitcoin Treasuries, the total value of digital gold in MicroStrategy reserves is about $6, billion

A week ago, the company raised a loan for $205 million secured by its cryptocurrency savings. The purpose of obtaining a loan was officially named the further purchase of bitcoins.

Earlier, Glassnode analysts noted the continuation of the trend towards the accumulation of bitcoins among whales. Among the companies that show active demand for the first cryptocurrency, they named MicroStrategy.

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