At the time of the meeting of the parliamentary committee on law and order and the fight against corruption, the deputy of the parliament of Kyrgyzstan, Karim Xanzheza, called for the legalization of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Xanzheza advocated the development of a legal framework for the crypto market and proposed amendments to the bill, providing for the legalization of virtual assets.

the country is ideally suited to take advantage of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, and proposed to launch its own national digital currency. Po ego mneniyu, ppavitelctvo dolzhno cocpedotochitcya nA pazpabotke cuvepennoy natsionalnoy Digital Audio valyuty, kotopoy Hatsionalny bank ne udelyaet doctatochno CAUTION.

Kapim Xanzheza takzhe vyctupal cozdanie kpiptoxaba za za cchot ppivlecheniya vycokokvalifitsipovannyx cpetsialictov in etoy oblacti, analogichno tomu like IT’S delayut in OAE.

Kipgiziya pozitsionipuet cebya hOW dpuzhectvennuyu kpiptovalyute ctpanu, dobivsheycya bolshogo ppogpecca in pegulipovanii kpiptopynka, tak kak bitkoyn cchitaetcya tovapom and pazpeshon for covepsheniya tpanzaktsy.

In August 2021, the government developed national rules for crypto exchanges, giving them legal status in the country. However, there are still no laws regulating the circulation of cryptocurrencies, there is only a bill “On the circulation of cryptocurrencies”, proposed by the National Bank.

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