On the night of 16 March, the cryptocurrency that analysts associate with the long-standing hack of the Cryptsy crypto exchange, was transferred to 400 addresses.

Multiple addresses containing 11 325 bitcoins, currently valued at more than $400 million, came in motion on the night of 16 March. The entire amount has been moved from 11 to 666 addresses, with an average of 11 bitcoins per address.

Cryptocurrency tracking service Whale Alert linked this amount to the Cryptsy hack in 2014 year. Information about this was posted on Twitter. Then thousand bitcoins were withdrawn, which at that time cost more than $ 8 million. It was also stolen 300 thousand litecoins valued at more than $2.5 million

B In January, the United States Department of Justice indicted the founder of Cryptsy. He is accused of stealing bitcoins, as well as laundering money using black schemes from 2013 to 2015 year.

Earlier on the night of March 489 bitcoins were withdrawn from an address that has not been active for 11 years. An investor who bought bitcoins in 2010 year spent $ on them) ). Back then, 1 bitcoin was worth less than $1. By now, his assets have risen in price 400 thousand times and are worth about $16 mln.

A similar operation was carried out at the end 2021 of the year. Then, from an inactive wallet for about years, the wallet was withdrawn 500 bitcoins. The investor bought them for $7.8 thousand in the summer 500 of the year, when the cryptocurrency exchange rate did not exceed the mark 16$. By December 2021 of the year, bitcoin had risen in price by 3 thousand times and brought the investor an income of $ 13 million

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