Intel планирует представить энергоэффективную ASIC для майнинга BTC в следующем месяце

  • Intel plans to strengthen its position in the market of mining components

  • The company announced plans to introduce a new, super energy efficient processor “Bonanza Mining”

  • The presentation will be held as part of the international conference at the end of February

Yesterday, 18 January, Tom’s Hardware published the news that the tech giant Intel is preparing a special gift for all crypto miners. The company plans to introduce 10 February new chip “Bonanza Mining”. Its distinguishing feature is high energy efficiency.


The presentation will take place at the International Conference on Monolithic Integrated Circuits (ISCC) in San Francisco. Event scheduled for – February.

The development puts Intel on a par with industry giants such as Bitmain and MicroBT. But this is if the processor will be available to the general public, and not part of a larger research project.

Note that ASIC is a specialized integrated circuit that is widely used in crypto-mining. For the first time, the company announced a new product in this direction back in 2018 year. Then Intel applied for a patent to develop a technology for high-performance and low-cost mining.

Remarkably, in December, Intel Senior Vice President of Architecture, Graphics and Software Raja Koduri confirmed rumors that the company was working on a dedicated mining rig. It is possible that the chip is part of this project. If you are interested in learning more about mining, as well as its effectiveness in the current trend of the cryptocurrency market, we advise you to study our material on this topic.