Google готовит виртуальную карту с криптовалютами

  • Google digital maps will allow users to store bitcoin and spend fiat

    To do this, the company signed contracts with the Coinbase crypto exchange and the BitPay provider

  • It is not yet known when Google will launch such a service

Bloomberg journalists reported that Google is implementing integration with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To do this, they will add the option to store such assets to their digital cards.

“Cryptocurrency is what we are focusing on right now”, Bill Reedy, Google’s commercial president, told reporters.

“The higher the demand of users and sellers, the more actively we will develop in this direction”.

In the new project, Google will cooperate with the crypto exchange Coinbase Inc. and payment provider BitPay. They are also open to new partners and do not yet know the exact dates when such a service will start working.

How it will work

Google will allow users to store cryptocurrencies on digital cards that will be converted into fiat money at the time of transaction. Similar solutions are already offered by various companies, including CryptoCom and the Binance exchange. But there is no doubt: if Google does implement a new option, it will have a huge impact on the further adoption of cryptocurrencies.

PayPal will help

Google hired former PayPal CEO Arnold Goldberg to implement the project. He will lead the new payments division.

In the meantime, Opera has already launched a test version of the crypto-browser, which will help the user store their assets more securely and easily and learn the latest cryptocurrency news.