В крипто индустрию готовится зайти крупный капитал - цитата Galaxy Digital

  • Representatives of the largest crypto bank shared insider information
  • According to them, big capital from institutional investors will soon enter digital assets
  • Big business expects clearer regulation, but in general, already ready to invest in digital assets

Damien Vanderwilt, co-president of crypto bank Galaxy Digital, was a speaker at the Canaccord Genuity conference. Here are the main theses of his speech.

This year will be a year of change

According to Vanderwilt, big business is still waiting for clear regulation in the field of cryptocurrencies. But a “significant wave of capital” is already poised to flow into the industry.

“Every large traditional finance company already has a ready-made investment strategy. Many corporations have formed their own cryptocurrency working groups and departments. But a full-fledged institutional wallet has not yet appeared in our sector. ”

Institutional investors have a great desire, but lack the determination. They are waiting for local authorities to resolve all regulatory issues.

Investors are reacting to the recent downturn

Vanderwilt often talks to the owners of large holdings. Most of them reacted to the recent drop as an opportunity to buy cryptocurrency.

Companies do not want to lose a large market

Galaxy has calculated that the current market capitalization of all crypto assets has exceeded $3 trillion, excluding venture capital investments. And the total amount of world wealth is about $ 450 trillion dollars. That is, crypto assets account for 1/20 of all reserves. And big business also wants to be a part of this world wealth.

By the way, against the backdrop of a slight increase, Galaxy shares rose by 5.5%. But as of the year they lost in price 24%, this is due to the general decline in the cryptocurrency market.

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