Формула 1 в этом году будет проводится при поддержки крипто компаний. Спонсором мероприятия стал Сrypto-Com

  • The next Formula 1 competition starts in March
  • This year, almost all teams received sponsorship from crypto companies
  • And the sponsor of Formula 1 itself was crypto -exchange Сrypto Com

The next Formula 1 competition starts in March. This year they will become special – after all, we will see not only a sports race, but also a crypto-advertising race.

8 teams – 8 sponsors

This year, 8 crypto-companies became the sponsors of Formula 1. So, Alpine is now a partner of Binance, Petronas is now a partner of FTX, and Red Bull Racing has received two sponsors at once – Tezos and Bybit.

Формула 1 Крипто брендыформула 1 от Крипто ком (Сrypto Com)

The three-year partnership between Red Bull Racing and Bybit

Red Bull Racing is considered one of the favorite teams. Therefore, Bybit decided to launch a close and long-term partnership with them. The parties signed a three-year contract worth $50 million per year. According to the press release, the commission will be paid by a combination of fiat tokens and BitDAO tokens (BIT).

201080Tokens and NFTs from Alpine Racers

The Alpine Formula 1 team went even further. They will issue their own token, which will be called ALPINE. Investors will be able to purchase it on the Binance Launchpad. Athletes will also present a collection of commemorative NFTs. has signed a 9-year contract with the promoter of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami. So at the Florida stage of the competition, we will see advertising of this brand on the circuit. The exchange will also build its own fan zone at the stadium.

формула 1 от Крипто ком (Сrypto Com)формула 1 от Крипто ком (Сrypto Com)

Hopefully, promotion campaigns will go without epic failures, as happened with Coinbase . Recall that during the Super Bowl they played ads that led to a blank page. The exchange paid $6.5 million for such a promo.

формула 1 от Крипто ком (Сrypto Com)