Биржа FTX выпустит для клиентов дебетовые карты Visa

  • FTX crypto exchange announced the release of plastic cards for its users

    They will be served by the Visa provider

  • The card will allow you to convert crypto-assets into any currency and pay worldwide

The largest crypto exchange FTX promised its users support with Visa debit cards. Customers can already apply to the waiting list, but it is not yet clear when and in which countries such a service will work.

    The company advertises the cards on its official website. And explains their benefits.


  1. Firstly, crypto assets will be automatically converted into fiat money at the current rate. The client will not need to calculate how much is needed for the exchange, or transfer extra money.
  2. Secondly, FTX does not require commission for this (but charges from the second party are not excluded).
  3. Visa cards are accepted worldwide at almost any outlet.

  4. And the last advantage is the security and speed of payments.
  5. 201920

    FTX is not the first to cooperate with traditional payment systems. This service has long been practiced by the Binance exchange. Provider Visa has launched partnerships with Ledger, CryptoSpend, Block Fi, and Bakkt. And they recently signed a contract with blockchain developer ConsenSys to combine CBDC payments and regular transfers.

    Payment giant Mastercard is not far behind in this regard either. Last week they partnered with Coinbase. As part of the cooperation, Mastercard owners will be able to buy NFT directly from the card, that is, now they do not need to open a cryptocurrency wallet.