Геополитика влияет на биткоин, страх войны обвалил курс биткоина

Geopolitics has greatly influenced the value of assets

  • Bitcoin and the stock market fell, oil prices go up
  • Investors are waiting for the full announcement of the sanctions in order to assess the consequences and risks
  • The escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has caused enormous uncertainty in the markets. The Moscow Exchange collapsed in double digits, the ruble became the most volatile currency (volatility level 33,five%). Shares of Russian and Ukrainian bonds suffered. Against the backdrop of panic, only oil is getting more expensive, because there is a fear of supply disruptions if a full-scale war breaks out.

    Cryptocurrencies also could not avoid this fate. Bitcoin is losing about 6% per day, and many large altcoins have collapsed even more.

    What about BTC

    Last week, the main cryptocurrency was approaching the range of $20 . But over the past few days, it has fallen by about 15 percent and is currently trading below the mark at 22 dollars. Achievements of recent weeks are almost nullified.

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    What about altcoins

    Some big altcoins show even bigger losses. Ethereum returns to the $2500 area (8% drop). Losses of Cardano, Solana and XRP and other top altcoins are measured in double digits. In total, the crypto market is losing about 7%, and its capitalization has decreased to $1.6 trillion.

    Investors are waiting for news on sanctions

    In the next few hours, countries will announce sanctions. The mood of investors will depend on what these measures will be. The exchanges will then evaluate the economic consequences of the sanctions both for the Western countries themselves and for Russia. Therefore, for now we have uncertainty.