Илон Маск вернул платежи в Dogecoin на сайте Tesla: курс моментально взлетел

  • Elon Musk added an option to buy with Dogecoin
  • On such news, the “dog’s currency” instantly rose in price by 11%
  • However, buyers have less rights when paying with cryptocurrency

As Elon Musk promised, DOGE has become an additional payment method on the Tesla website.

So far, only some souvenirs can be paid with cryptocurrency – belt buckles , Cyberquad kids ATVs, Tesla chargers and dummies. The store immediately displays prices in both dollars and dogecoin.

The DOGE course has already reacted immediately to such news 10% – growth. Also, the coin returned to the TOP – 12 largest coins by capitalization (1, 14 billion dollars).

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Cryptocurrency payment terms

On the Tesla website there is a separate section with questions and answers regarding payment in Dogecoin. Important points:

  • goods purchased with DOGE cannot be returned to the store (they do not transfer currency back);
  • order cannot be canceled after payment;
  • payment cannot be carried out from different wallets;
  • if the buyer sent the wrong amount, he will not be refunded the overpayment.

Tesla does not take commissions, so the client will only pay the transaction fees on the blockchain itself.

Recall that in a recent interview, Elon Musk said that “cryptocurrencies are not ideal, but the world has not yet come up with anything better.” The billionaire is a supporter of digital money, but at the same time, each currency has its own role. In his opinion, bitcoin is better suited for savings, while dogcoin is better for daily purchases.