Отчет DappRadar по GameFi

  • DappRadar analysts have released a fresh report on the GameFi sector
  • In January, investors invested $1 billion of capital in it
  • We have collected the most important points of this report

Despite extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency sector, the GameFi sector remains on takeoff. While bitcoin and all altcoins continue to fall, investors prefer to invest in gaming projects. This is what the latest DappRadar report says.

Here are the highlights:

  • In January, the DeFi sector reached $1 billion in investments. Macro indicators indicate that the bullish scenario here will continue. % exceeded that of the legendary game Axie Infinity.
  • By the way, about Axie Infinity. Analysts believe that recent changes in tokenomics can affect the price of tokens only in the short term. But they are not sure about the long-term success of the game.
  • Crazy Defense Heroes has become the second most popular decentralized application in the Polygon network.
  • Bomb Crypto surpasses Mobox as the most popular BSC dapp.

    Analysts predict that in the future, truly big capital will come to the sector. And the process has already started: in January, Microsoft, Sony and Take-Two announced their ambitions in GameFi. They bought leading gaming companies.

    At the same time, the mass introduction of such games is still far away. The main enemy of GameFi is the complexity of technology and competition with the giants of the traditional gaming industry.