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  • Ferrari interested in Web 3.0 and NFT
  • Manchester United made a big deal with Tezos and Baby Doge with Hoffenheim ClubSequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн
  • The developer of Axie Infinity announced large-scale changes in the economy of the game project

  • Shiba Inu token surged by 22% and topped the ranking by daily growth
  • Decentraland played the world’s first virtual wedding on blockchainSequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн
  • Venezuela’s New Bitcoin Tax: How Citizens Are Affected e countriesSequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн
  • Report: North Korea is developing weapons of mass destruction on someone else’s “crypt”
  • The Bank of England revealed new details about the introduction of CBDC in the country

    Sequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн

  • Russian authorities want to collect 1 trillion from the Russian crypto market. rubles of taxesSequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн

  • Ray Dalio: “Soon some countries will outlaw cryptocurrencies”
  • US Treasury: Digital Art Trading (NFT) will have AML rules

    Sequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн

  • Chain of Alliance raised $2.4MSequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн
  • Aurora introduces transaction fees
  • BuzzFeed revealed the identities of the creators of the BAYC collection
  • Stream: Discussing privacy, security and mixers with Tornado CashSequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн

Sequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн

Sequoia Capital India invested 200 million dollars at Polygo n.

The raised funds are planned to be spent on the development of the blockchain towards Web 3.0.

Ferrari interested in Web 3.0 and NFT

Ferrari заинтересована в Web 3.0 и NFT.

  • The automaker entered into a partnership with Velas NetworkSequoia проинвестировала в Polygon $450 млн
  • financial turnover and profit for the fourth quarter of last year. The conference was attended by the CEO of the company, Benedetto Vigna, who spoke about the interest in the world of blockchain, the universe of Web3 and NFT. The CEO also announced cooperation with Velas.

    Further development of the world-famous brand lies along the path of Web3. The concern is interested in the possibilities of blockchain and NFT, so it plans to develop in these areas.

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    Manchester United concluded big deal with Tezos and Baby Doge with Hoffenheim