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  • Disney will develop the Metaverse
  • crypto companies team up to fight money launderingВидео конкурс от NEAR
  • In Colorado it will be possible to pay taxes in cryptocurrency
  • ConocoPhillips sells surplus gas to minersВидео конкурс от NEAR

  • Warning: OTP bots are stealing cryptocurrency through auto calls
  • Charlie Munger compared bitcoins to venereal diseases
  • A law is being prepared in the USA: they will study the risks of the economy from outside bitcoin mining in El SalvadorВидео конкурс от NEAR
  • Sales of NVidia mining chips continue to fallВидео конкурс от NEAR
  • 4% of large cryptocurrency holders are criminals: Chainalysys report Видео конкурс от NEAR
  • Twitter added the ability to send donations in EthereumВидео конкурс от NEAR

  • Source: By the end of this quarter, the UAE will start licensing fintech companies

  • Ukraine nevertheless adopted a law on digital assets, but with some amendmentsВидео конкурс от NEAR
  • x2y2 is poaching OpenSea usersВидео конкурс от NEAR
  • Airdrop from Seedify for stakers SFUND

Видео конкурс от NEAR

Ne ar announced a competition for the best viral video with a prize pool of $ in NEAR tokens.

Conditions for participation:

— Choose one of the following categories:

  • All about NEAR;
  • AURORA;Видео конкурс от NEAR
  • NFT Apps/Games on NEAR;Видео конкурс от NEAR
  • DeFi apps on NEAR;Видео конкурс от NEARВидео конкурс от NEAR

    — Upload a video to Youtube, be sure to add “NEAR” in the title of your video;

    – Add information to the description of the video:

    your NEAR account;

    information about the ru-community NEAR;

    — Share the video on social networks by adding the hashtag #FUTUREISNEAR and include a link to the Telegram chat Near in the posts.
    — Fill out the Google form of the participant

    More details about the conditions can be read here.

    Ukraine nevertheless adopted a law on digital assets, but with some amendments

    • Supervision will be carried out by the National Securities Commission and the Central Bank

    10 February, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading the amended law on digital assets , which regulates the circulation of cryptocurrency in the country. Now this market will be administered by the Securities Commission (NKTSBFR) and the Central Bank.

    In fact, with this bill, Ukraine legalizes cryptocurrencies. Virtual financial service providers will be able to obtain a license in the country, and retail investors will be protected from the risks dictated by regulatory uncertainty.

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  • crypto-companies unite to fight money laundering

    Chainalysys опубликовала отчет, в котором 4% холдеров - преступники

    The collected personal data of users will not be stored in a single central storage.Эмираты готовы к лицензированию финТех (fintech) компаний

    Cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase and Kraken, startup BlockFi and more cryptocurrencies projects have merged, creating a platform to combat money laundering.

    The name of the formed structure is TRUST. Its members believe that every year there will be more of them. New members will be added to comply with the necessary measures for safe, honest and confidential work in the cryptosphere.

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    Видео конкурс от NEAR
    В Украине приняли закон о цифровых активах,с поправкамиSource: By the end of this quarter, the UAE will begin licensing fintech companies

    ОТП-боты воруют криптовалюту, осторожно

    Thus, the country wants to attract more industry giants and create a new crypto-hub

    10 February, Bloomberg, citing an anonymous source, stated that The UAE is preparing to start licensing virtual financial service providers. The country is looking to attract more large industry corporations to create a new crypto hub.

    The source of the publication claims that the Securities and Exchange Administration (SCA) is at the final stage of the project. Unlike other countries, the UAE has chosen a hybrid approach to settlement.

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    Продажи майнинг чипа от NVidia упал на 60%4% of large cryptocurrency holders are criminals: Chainalysys report

    ОТП-боты воруют криптовалюту, осторожно

    At the same time, the number of cases of fraud and thefts increased significantly, by 28 and 516% respectively

    According to Chainalysys, about 4% of owners of crypto wallets containing assets of 1 million or more received their capital illegally. In the event of a criminal investigation, these funds may be confiscated.

    In its analysis, the agency used open statistical data.

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