Крипто рынок восстанавливается , основные валюты растут, капитализация перевалила за два триллиона долларов, и показывается позитивная тенденция.

  • The digital asset market is recovering after a protracted fall
  • Major cryptocurrencies rose in price from 4.7% to 8% and even 9%

  • Total capitalization reached 2 trillion dollars, which indicates a stable positive trend

Over the past 24 hours, the BTC rate has grown by 4.7%, breaking the mark of 24 thousands of dollars. At the same time, the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies increased by 37 billion dollars, which may indicate a new trend.

According to the analytical portal CoinGecko, over the past two weeks, bitcoin has not only strengthened its position. The rate has increased by more than . ETH, in turn, also showed a steady increase in value – 6.4% over the last hours.

Bitcoin price change indicators for periods

Временная линейка цены на Эфириум

201920Ether price changes over periods


This is not like the usual bounce that was recorded in the market, for example, at the end of January. Apparently, this is the beginning of a new positive trend.

A similar situation is unfolding for altcoins. Solana’s internal currency, called SOL, crossed the mark at 102 dollar, its exchange rate rose by 9.6%. BNB “up” by 8.5%. At the same time, the market capitalization reached $2 trillion. Recall, according to some forecasts, the total value of all digital assets this year can reach 4 trillion. At the same time, many are sure that the BTC rate will break through the mark at 128 thousand dollars per unit.