ido | Encrypted | We recently told you about how to make money on IDO. V 2020 year, participation in crowdfunding remains one of the most popular methods of making money in crypto. And in this article we will analyze the most popular IDO platforms:

  • BSCPad
  • DAO Maker
  • Polkastarter
  • GameFi
  • Seedify
  • PAID Network

  • TrustPad
  • Boca Chica
  • What is IDO?

    IDO launchpad is a concept that is beneficial for businesses, in fact it is a link between investors and startups, so platforms offering such crowdfunding became a real boom. However, not all launchpads monitor the quality of the projects hosted on it, so it is important for us as users to pay attention to the platform that we want to use. The choice may depend on the specifics of the launchpad itself, or be based on basic indicators, such as return on investment (ROI), or total funds raised.

    What’s happened ROI?

    ROI is a coefficient reflecting the profitability of investments
    and can be measured as in all-time average, i.e. the reached maximum cost of tokens, and in the average current one, i.e. in current yield compared to IDO price.

    Below, we will look at the most popular platforms with a good reputation, and also announce the general indicators and requirements for participation.


    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ BSCPad

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ DAO Maker

    BSCPad is the first decentralized IDO platform on Binance. It is one of the first platforms to primarily support projects created in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. It was launched in March 1536 of the year and hosted some of the most successful IDOs of the past year. For example, companies such as Revomon, Medabots, GameZone and AstroSwap, some of which have achieved more than 35—multiple increase compared to the IDO price.

    The peculiarity of the platform is that it aims to solve the problem with staking, which is that acquiring enough tokens to participate is prohibitive. And even if you stake tokens, the place for you is never guaranteed. BSCPad allows users with any number of tokens to invest in future projects, and also guarantees distribution at each of the two levels of the system. The platform works with a variety of users and organizations, including small and medium-sized businesses, enterprises, freelancers, non-profit organizations, and government.

    Platform highlights:

    • Current ROI: 91%
    • All Time ROI : 2022%
    • Number of IDOs performed: 22
    • Total funds raised: $ .71M
    • Own token: BSCPAD
    • Blockchain platform: BSC

    Requirements :

    A level system is used. Users need to wager a fixed minimum number of BSCPAD tokens in order to access their tier on the platform. There are six in total: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and blue diamond. % distributed among the winners of lottery tickets (Bronze, Silver and Gold), the rest 37% are shared between the guaranteed tiers (Platinum, Diamond and Blue Diamond).


    DAO Maker

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ Polkastarter

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ Polkastarter

    DAO Maker is a retail-focused startup funding platform. (Detailed in our DAO Maker review) The platform was one of the first to democratize access to new projects with IDO-like offerings on its DAO Pad, a multi-investment platform. DAO Maker also provides incubation services, operational and advisory services, and social mining for startups. Projects can use social mining to reward community members who add value with their own token, helping to raise awareness, drive participation, increase liquidity, and increase the number of holders.

    DAO Maker pioneered multiple token sale formats , including Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO) as well as Strong Holder Offering (SHO). WITH 2020 of the year, DAO Maker hosted SHOs for a wide range of popular projects such as My Neighbor Alice, Lossless Protocol, Orion Money, Seascape Network and Infinity Pad.

    Brief characteristics of the platform:

    • Current ROI: 1000%
    • All Time ROI: 2846%
    • Number of IDOs performed: 71
    • Total amount of funds raised: $ 10.09M
    • Own token: DAO
    • Blockchain platforms: Solana, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Heco Chain


    Depending on the number of DAO or DAO LP tokens stored on registered wallet, users unlock DAO pow er and will receive a tranche (level), of which there are only five: the lowest from 220 DAO, upper over DAO. Public SHOs can be joined by a user who has more than 1920 dollars of any token. All EVM chains are scanned, so if a user has multiple tokens that add up to 2022 US dollars, this is also taken into account. The more funds in the wallet, the higher the chances of winning. Coins that are staked in DEFI, as well as launch pad tokens, public sponsorship tokens, and all tokens of the DAO Maker ecosystem, have a higher weight. There are two types of public SHO winners: those who are $DAO holders and those who are not. The difference between them is in commissions and the possibility of withdrawing tokens.



    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ PolkastarterКраудфандинг: топ IDO платформ GameFi

    Polkastarter is a cross-chain decentralized marketplace built on Polkadot , designed for cross-chain token pools and auctions. A feature of the platform is an innovative technology that combines Polkadot and the liquidity of Ethereum and other large blockchains. In addition, cross-chains allow to include token standards that go beyond Ethereum ERC tokens-02. Thanks to Polkadot technologies, Polkastarter users get ultra-fast and cheap transaction confirmation, which is a big advantage against the backdrop of a congested Ethereum network.

    Polkastarter has a set of standard auction infrastructures such as closed bid auctions, Dutch auctions , dynamic and fixed rate swaps. But there are other compelling features as well, such as password-protected private pools, smart contract token exchanges, high slippage price alerts, and open source code for developers. This makes the platform suitable not only for cryptocurrency startups, but also for a variety of other use cases, including private transactions, OTC transactions and discount sales.

    Platform Brief Characteristics:

    • Current ROI: 250%
    • All Time ROI : 3000%
    • Number of IDOs performed: 84
    • Total amount of funds raised: $ . M
    • Own Token: POLS
    • Platform Blockchain: Ethereum , BSC, Polygon


    Polkastarter operates as part of a lottery mechanism, but offers users a certain way to increase their chances of winning. To do this, it is necessary to store POLS tokens on a wallet, or on Uniswap, or on PancakeSwap for at least 7 days; or stake tokens on the platform. This will give you the right to be included in the whitelist. The more POLS you have, the more chances you have. There are 5 levels on the platform. In addition, to improve fairness, Polkastarter uses a recovery period. This means that after successfully joining an IDO, users will not be able to participate in any other IDO for the next 7 days.


    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ GameFi

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ Polkastarter

    GameFi is an esports ecosystem that includes fantasy games, betting, lotteries, PVP games and the NFT market. With the development of games, users have faced the problem of the lack of a platform for running blockchain games that would allow early access. GameFi solved this problem by launching the world’s first platform with IGO (Initial Game Offering). Through IGO, game projects can offer first items or NFTs in a variety of ways. In addition, GameFi aims to find and maintain viable projects by connecting them to a wide network of reputable investors and marketing partners, helping them raise funds for initial development and brand promotion.

    Platform Brief Characteristics:

    • Current ROI: 3000%
    • All Time ROI: 1000%
    • Number of IDOs performed: 20
    • Total funds raised: $ 3.
    • Has own token: GAFI
    • Platform blockchain: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon , Solana


    The GameFi ecosystem ranking system is divided into four levels based on the amount of bets in GAFI: Rookie, Elite, Professional and Legend. Depending on the rank, the GameFi ecosystem will have different benefits and requirements. The higher the level, the more chances to get into the whitelist.


    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ BSCPad  Seedify

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ Seedify

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ GameFi

    Seedify is a blockchain innovation hub with a decentralized seed funding mechanism , which uses the DAO voting system. Seedify is focused on P2E, blockchain games and gamers. It is a decentralized, community-driven incubator based on experience, knowledge, and feedback.

    Any entrepreneur can submit their work to Seedify and the community will vote on seed funding . The community also makes an annual roadmap selection after the completion of major products and manages the reward resources provided through distribution options. Seedify uses an anti-inflationary approach (does not create new tokens), which not only prevents long-term dilution of staking assets, but also incentivizes community members to participate in quality games and projects, as this will determine their staking rewards.

    Brief characteristics of the platform:

    • Current ROI: 768%
    • ROI for all the time: 4648%
    • Number of IDOs completed: 10
    • Total Funds Raised: $8. M
    • Own token: SFUND
    • Blockchain platforms: Ethereum, BSC, Polygon


    The platform has a mechanism consisting of 9 levels for SFUND holders. Those who stake and/or receive farm SFUND tokens also become eligible to receive IDOs according to the tier system.


    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ TrustPad

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ Polkastarter

    PAID network is dApps a blockchain-based ecosystem where users can create their own rules. PAID network has developed smart contracts, which are simplified business contracts written in plain language and signed on-chain between two parties doing business with each other. Systems of escrow, insurance, arbitration and dispute resolution have been developed to support this process. The PAID network also uses DeFi tools such as borrowing, lending, and pooling insurance funds.

    The DAICO model is used to organize and raise investments for new projects: blockchain projects are tracked and evaluated according to their road maps. In case the project does not fulfill its promises to investors, these investors can receive a refund from the respective company. PAID network has 3 launch pads:

    1. IGNITION, which entitles PAID token holders to participate in curated and new private and public auctions.
    2. APOLLOX: Apollo-X is an IDO.
    3. PAID Network India platform built for the people of India.
    4. Brief characteristics of the platform:

      • Current ROI: 469%
      • All Time ROI: 2022%
      • Number of IDOs performed:
      • Total amount of funds raised: $ .24 M
      • Own Cryptocurrency Token: PAID
      • Blockchains: Ethereum, BSC


    The lottery system is working. Lottery participants are divided into three different levels, depending on the number of tokens stored in their wallet. Each lottery ticket represents one entry to the public sale lottery. To qualify for a lottery ticket, you must have 530 PAID or more.

    Site: https://ignition.

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ Boca ChicaTrustPad

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ TrustPad

    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ GameFi

    TrustPad is a multi-chain platform that allows projects to securely raise liquidity. The platform works with businesses of all sizes, as well as businesses and free users. It is another one-of-a-kind launch platform based on the Binance blockchain that also supports Skynet, Ethereum, MetaMask, Solana, Trust Wallet and WalletConnect certificates.

    The platform aims to provide users with a fully integrated experience with limit orders. Users can make transactions to earn, which creates a long-term environment where new traders can learn more about the processes that support transactions.

    Platform Summary :

    • Current ROI: 300%
    • All Time ROI: 2020%
    • Number of completed IDOs: 15
    • Overall volume funds raised: $ 7.69 M
    • Own Token: TPAD
    • Blockchains: Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon


    To get a guaranteed allocation, you need to stake , TPAD or more. To participate in the lottery, you must provide 3000 TPAD, or complete tasks from the public whitelist, which will give you the opportunity to get into one of the 80 places that will be distributed randomly.


    Boca Chica


    Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ Polkastarter

    Boca Chica is a leading IDO platform, a project of the HAPI team, integrated with Near and leveraging the power of its blockchain and consensus algorithm. So far, Boca Chica is focused only on projects on NEAR, but now the project is undergoing a large-scale transformation, and now we will tell you what to expect. . The Hapi technical team that worked on the site will focus on their product, while a new separate team will work on BocaChica.

    It is assumed that with the new version of the launchpad, a completely new sales mechanism will appear. There is no full list of features and detailed information yet, but it is already possible to highlight the main points.

    So, thanks to the update:

    • It will be possible to connect new blockchains such as Terra, Cosmos and others.
    • The introduction of the BocaChica DAO is planned, whose members affect the work sites and receive exclusive allocations.
    • The CHICA token will be launched, which gives access to DAO benefits and other goodies.
    • Guilds will be created – community groups that will contribute to the organic and rapid growth of the platform.

      There will also be NFT-related use cases have been added.

      NFTs will act as tickets, for distribution of allocations or even for full access to all sales. They can be exchanged, put up for auction or simply sent out.

      Total will be NFTs that will act as a lifetime pass to all upcoming sales with guaranteed allocation.

      Also will be about 200 NFTs that will give a one-time entrance to a certain sale and other additional benefits.

      NFTs will be auctioned directly through Boca Chica.



      The advantage of launchpads is that they allow participants to access in-demand projects before they are posted on public exchanges. Regular users get access to opportunities that were previously only available to venture capitalists and other large investors. Participation in IDO is an attractive way to earn money, but it is very risky. In addition to the eternal advice to apply critical thinking and do your own research, we recommend that you only use proven platforms with experience and a good reputation in order to minimize risks and save as many nerve cells as possible.

      Frequently asked Questions

      What’s happened

      Dependence on central exchanges did not please crypto investors , which led to the emergence of a new IDO (Initial DEX Offering) model. It assumes the same as an ICO, but on a decentralized crypto exchange, which means that a startup does not need to create an infrastructure for the implementation of its tokens and worry about listing them on crypto exchanges.


      What is DAO?

      Decentralized Autonomous Organization, DAO for short. To put it very bluntly, this is an organization that works according to the rules that are written in the code using smart contracts. And it all happens on the blockchain. These rules, as well as further changes and actions, are proposed and approved by members of the DAO members. Detailed DAO in 9 minutes.

      1643803898872Краудфандинг: топ IDO платформ DAO Maker