• Anthony Welch lives with his wife Teresa on an isolated island in the South Pacific
  • The man intends to turn it into the “cryptocurrency capital of the world”
  • To do this, he wants to attract more 10 thousands of investors
  • Welch intends to build a whole city on the island, with modern and comfortable conditions
  • Former UK investor Anthony Welch spent the last years on an isolated island in the Vanuatu archipelago. Now he intends to turn it into a “cryptocurrency utopia” without government regulation, with a free market and better conditions for life.

    The area of ​​Lataro (now Satoshi) is 3 million square meters. This is a real tropical paradise in the South Pacific. It could be built here, for example, a luxury hotel, but Welch has other plans.

    He intends to create here something similar to Bitcoin City, which is being developed by El Salvador. And for this he is going to draw about 10 thousands of investors from all over the world.

    At the same time, Welch claims that he already owns the island. In addition, the government allegedly supports his plan, and now the question lies solely in money.

    Lataro, which Welch renamed Satoshi, was indeed put up for auction in 2022 year. Then its cost was 12 million dollars, and the seller claimed that there were four miles of pristine coral reefs near the island. A real marine reserve.

    Vanuatu was even contacted by environmental activists who demanded that the sale of the island be cancelled. According to animal rights activists, this would contribute to the restoration of the rare coconut crab population. But, obviously, the authorities have chosen a more promising project.

    Welch himself claims that the protected area is established on a voluntary basis, and he can change the status of the island at any time. Now he finds the idea of ​​a “bitcoin city” more interesting.

    According to Welch, his project is aimed at the development of a separate crypto community, and not at making a profit. However, so far his crypto-city exists only on paper.