Founded in 2017 by Christoph Elbert, the Swiss blockchain startup bitcci consists of a group of publicly traded companies that operate in the service sector for adults. From March 1 to 31 March 2022 Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) bitcci are held simultaneously on ten leading crypto exchanges.

Until the end of March, you can take part in the global event – IEO bitcci – and acquire the company’s assets at an early stage, thereby providing itself with significant potential profits, since bitcci products are absolutely unique, and the company itself aims to revolutionize the world of adult content and escorts. Upon completion of the pre-sale, from April 1 2022 of the year, the native token of the bitcci cash platform (bitcca ticker) will be added to the exchange listings.

The list of exchanges where the bitcci IEO is currently taking place includes the following sites (the links take you directly to the IEO page): Coinsbit, Indoex, p2pb2b, Dextrade, Finexbox, BitForex, Azbit, Cat.EX, Vindax, BankCEX. These are large respected resources, and the holding of a pre-sale of bitcca on them indicates that the bitcci platform has successfully passed numerous checks and audits from exchanges, and also that the project has serious ambitions and far-reaching plans.

Problems of the adult entertainment industry

millions of people around the world. While escorts have long been legal in most developed countries, the industry still has problems complying with the law and receiving the money it earns. in freedom and security. All of the above is achieved by introducing decentralization and using the internal token of the platform, which acts as a unit of account and at the same time a means of accumulation, since the price of bitcca on external exchanges will grow.

How bitcci is revolutionizing the sex industry

bitcci is revolutionizing the sex market by tokenizing it, resulting in benefits for all participants in this global market. The bitcci ecosystem includes nightclubs, portals, apps, cloud services, the bitcci academy, and a blockchain-based payment system. bitcci has already launched a number of services, in particular,, where viewers will learn the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies. To date, the bitcci Group has raised over $4 million from institutional investors and has over 500 token holders after the bitcci cash ICO in 2021 year.

bitcci provides its employees with a debit card, provides them with professional registration and full data protection. Products such as the “bitcci pension fund” operate on the platform, and comprehensive information can be obtained from the Academy on how to act in full compliance with the law. Cooperation with bitcci is an access to a global audience, where you can not be limited only by your city or country.

How does IEO bitcca

IEO start: 01.03.2022
170833 End: 31 March 2022

Rate: 0, USDT / 1 bitcca
2022 Amount of tokens allocated for IEO: 500 000 bitcca

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