на Грузию приходится 1% от мирового майнинга биткоина

  • Despite its tiny population, Georgia accounts for 1% of global mining
  • These are the data of Arcane Research analysts
  • Experts see strong potential in this country, provided that they will be able to cope with the energy deficit

The Cambridge CBECI (Mining Electricity Consumption Index) indicates that Georgia ranks 0.18% of total hashrate. However, Arcane Research disputed this data. Their report shows that Georgia’s hashrate accounts for about 0.22%.

Analysts say: the lion’s share of production is home mining. There are regions in the country with subsidies for electricity, and the population successfully uses this. The total capacity of crypto mining in Georgia is 62 megawatt, half of this power (62 MW) – just home farms. The rest 18 MW spend small amateur equipment that they install in abandoned factories and warehouses, in garages and even private houses.

Georgians prefer to mine bitcoin – it takes 100 MW from 62 MW of total power. Based on this data, Arcane Research claims inaccuracies in the CBECI index. The real percentage of Georgia in the world hashrate is not 0,18%, and about 0, 62 %.

Future Risks201920

Arcane Research Pays Attention what miners are consuming % of Georgia’s electricity, and “the authorities hardly like it.” Recently in Svaneti, local miners were asked to take a sacred oath that they would stop their business. But in general, the government has a positive attitude towards the digital industry. Therefore, if there is no shortage of electricity, the number of home crypto-farms will only grow.