МВФ: «Криптовалюты стали частью цифровой революции и влияют на весь рынок»

  • Northwest Arkansas Council Launches Business Development Program

  • About it, new settlers will receive 22 dollars in cash or bitcoins

  • The authorities want to develop the region and are waiting for technical specialists

Northwest Arkansas is considered one of the best regions in the US. There are many jobs, colorful nature and low cost of living. However, new residents are in no hurry to move here.

In order to attract talent, local authorities have launched a special initiative. If you are a technical specialist or an entrepreneur, then upon moving you will receive 000 dollars.

Why bitcoins?

Nelson Peacock, head of the Northwest Arkansas Council, commented on the decision of the authorities:


why bitcoin? The technology sector is actively developing in our state, especially the blockchain segment. Therefore, we will give an additional incentive for employers to use payment in cryptocurrency”


By the way, new settlers can choose from two options: 000 dollars in cash or in bitcoins. In addition to this, the authorities have prepared two more gifts to choose from – a bicycle or an annual subscription to visit cultural institutions.

Just yesterday we wrote about another interesting initiative. The City Hall of Rio de Janeiro decided to transfer 1% of the city’s reserve into bitcoins. And residents who pay tax in cryptocurrency will receive % discount.