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“We are working, as I told the government, and find out if the business wants to pay tax in cryptocurrencies. If so, we should be ready to accept them.”

The official also pointed to the provision, which, at his insistence, was added to the budget, in accordance with which funds should have been allocated for experiments using the blockchain. True, this paragraph did not find approval in the legislature.

DeSantis clearly indicated his position in support of the cryptocurrency, and not the state-controlled digital. According to him, there are many “dangers” associated with the digital dollar controlled by the federal government.

-then in the central authority the ability to block access to the purchase of certain goods. We will find ourselves in uncharted territory. ”

DeSantis is “very worried” about the order of the Biden administration on cryptocurrencies. The order obliges to study the digital currency of the central bank in addition to instructing financial agencies to develop recommendations on policies related to digital assets.

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