What you need to know about the BTC price chart here and now.

Теханализ от 4 февраля 2022Weekly chart

Теханализ от 4 февраля 2022

Key areas on the Bitcoin price chart – $14,5 thousand, $14 thousand and $ .6k. These are the only levels that matter at the moment. We will have time to discuss other levels of support and resistance when they become relevant. Now I would like to see the close of the week above $14 thousand on BTC is trading lower today. We have yet to convincingly turn this level into support on the weekly timeframe.

Daily chart

Теханализ от 4 февраля 2022

On the daily chart retest $42 Thousand and blue trend line is still in progress as the candle has not yet closed. A test of the 50 MA is also good if the market manages to recover confidently. So far, I am optimistic and see the prospect for growth. Nothing happened to change my mind. The price reached significant resistance and reacted – not surprisingly after such an expressive move. Consolidation below resistance usually results in an upward move.

Теханализ от 4 февраля 2022

I haven’t looked at Bollinger Bands for a long time. As you can see, the price is again at the top of the indicator and is testing the center line as support. As a rule, selling at the upper border of the Bollinger Bands and buying at the lower border is easy trading for scalpers when the price and, accordingly, the indicator move sideways.

4-hour schedule

Теханализ от 4 февраля 2022

The price movement at the resistance did not look bullish. It was a rounded top, not a flag or pennant that could signal consolidation before the momentum continues.

I’ve highlighted a few areas of interest that can (hopefully) be used for short-term trades. At the time of writing, the price is testing the main support area.

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