Sotheby’s продаст с молотка уникальный черный бриллиант. Оплатить покупку можно криптовалютой или стейблкоинами

  • Sotheby’s intends to auction off a unique diamond with a rich history

  • In this case, the purchase can be paid for with ETH. BTC and USDC

  • Date bidding scheduled for February 3

UK the auction house with almost three hundred years of history continues to explore the digital asset market. Last July, an anonymous collector purchased a unique diamond weighing 101,10 carat. The purchase was paid for with cryptocurrency.


Now the auction house plans to exhibit the famous Enigma stone. This is the rarest black diamond weighing 555,22 carat. Now this lot is on public display in Dubai.

Then the stone will be presented in Los Angeles and London. Sotheby’s expects to receive at least $7 million for it. At the same time, the purchase can be paid in ETH, BTC and USDC.

Remarkably, the auction house for the first time added the possibility of settlement in stablecoins. Given that this segment has shown steady growth throughout the past year, this is not surprising.

The Enigma diamond promises to be the largest lot among precious stones in history. It is known that he is more than has been kept in a private collection for years. The former owner discovered it in 20-x, he also cut the diamond.

Preliminary date for bidding for this lot is February 3rd. Quite possibly, like last time, bets will be accepted, including from anonymous participants on the Internet. Last year was extremely successful for Sotheby’s. The auction house gained only on more tokens 38 million dollars. The company also announced plans to create its own NFT marketplace.