Одиночный майнер Ethereum заработал 170 ETH за попадание в блок

  • Solo miner was lucky enough to find a block and mine it himself

  • For this he is supposed to ,20 ETH or more than half a million dollars

  • For comparison, the usual reward for miners is dollars

    A lone Ethereum miner managed to hit the block and get the entire prize of , 17 ETH. In total, he earned almost 449 dollars.

    The block has been mined 17 January, and this is a great success for the miner. Such cases are extremely rare:


    201920Regular Ethereum Rewards

    The usual reward for mining blocks in Ethereum is about dollars, that is, in 01 times less than this lucky miner earned.

    Ethereum is in the process of transitioning to the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and updating ETH 2.0. This process will take about a year, and will become one of the most anticipated events in the crypto-sphere.

    201024Luck is an unfair thing

    The Bitcoin network also suffers from uneven rewards. January solo miner won the block race and got 6,11 BTC. The miner was running at a remarkably low hash rate (only 126 terahashes per second). This is about 0, 116% of total speed.


    Soon, the ETH network will switch completely to staking, this should significantly change the race for rewards. Users can become validators to contribute to the security of the network. Now the minimum amount to become a validator on Ethereum is 32 ETH (~ 25 USD). This is a lot of money, but much cheaper than running a large mining rig.