According to the results of a study by, about 25% of respondents in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia believe that cryptocurrency should be used as a currency, and not only as an investment asset.

These studies show that this indicator is nine percentage points higher than the world average in 25%.

For comparison, in the United States, the largest economy in the world and one of the largest crypto markets in the world, only P6% pecpondentov zayavili chto kpiptovalyutu cleduet icpolzovat in kachectve valyuty.

B Gepmanii okolo P1% pecpondentov coglacilic c tem chto kpiptovalyutu cleduet ppimenyat in kachectve valyuty in Belikobpitanii tak cchitayut P2 opposhennyx%.

The study provides several reasons why almost half of the residents surveyed are aged from up to 35 years, they strive to make payments with the help of Cryptocurrencies:

“Consumers understand the functionality and advantages of paying with cryptocurrencies, whether it be stablecoins or cryptocurrencies without being tied to fiat. Faster transactions and reduced fees, especially for cross-border transactions, seem attractive to consumers.”


%) out of 30 000 respondents plan regularly or time From time to time to pay with cryptocurrencies, however, there are obstacles that prevent digital currencies from becoming popular, even in countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Approximately 25% of respondents in Saudi Arabia and just over 30% in the UAE said that “cryptocurrency is too complex to become a mass phenomenon.”

According to other countries, more than 30% of respondents in which also consider the cryptocurrency too complex, are Australia, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

According to According to the study, just over 30% of respondents in Saudi Arabia and about 30% in the UAE agreed that the cryptocurrency is too risky. For comparison, in Hong Kong and Singapore, more than % of respondents hold this opinion.

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