Browser users gained access to systems such as Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon, StarkEx, Ronin and others.

Opera announced March that it has integrated several key blockchain ecosystems into its Web3 browser. Users will have access to StarkEx, Polygon, Solana, Ronin, Celo, Bitcoin and Nervos systems. Access to Proof-of-Stake blockchains and Ethereum Layer-2 ecosystems was also expanded.

Thanks to the integration of systems such as Polygon and Solana, it will be possible to access decentralized Solend and Raydium exchanges, as well as virtual reality platforms such as Decentraland.

According to Opera’s vice president for mobile technologies, Jorgen Arnesen, the company is striving for the mass adoption of crypto technologies .

“Ultimately, Web3 is on its way to becoming a mainstream web technology, and users will not need to know that they are interacting with it, ”he said in a company blog.

The first beta version of the Crypto Browser project from Opera for computers and mobile devices was released in January and included a built-in crypto wallet, as well as the Crypto Corner news aggregator .

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