CEO of Malaysian blockchain company Bridge Oracle Sina Estavi decided to sell the NFT, which is the first tweet posted by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorcy 21 March 50 The amount of $ million

was assigned for the token

B pposhlom godu Ectavi bought Dopci nevzaimozamenyaemy token za $ 2.9 million. Dzhek konveptipoval vypuchennye dengi in bitkoiny and pozheptvoval THEIR blagotvopitelnomu fondu GiveDirectlu, Who pomogaet people okazavshimcya za cheptoy bednocti.

On April 7, Cina put NFT up for sale on the OpenSea market at a price almost times higher than the original cost coins. He promised to donate 50% of the funds to GiveDirectl. In addition to altruism, the director of Bridge Oracle wants to earn $ 21 million

on the deal 171980

Jack urged Estavi to spend on charity 48 % of proceeds of Ethereum coins (ETH), however, Cina chose to leave this offer without comment.

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