Есть ли жизнь после булрана 2021? Идеи, новости, тренды (стрим с delta.theta)

An analyst from delta.theta research visited us, and on the stream we discussed:

  • Activation of crypto lobbyists in the US, and what it led to.
  • Why do crypto companies buy traditional banks?
  • Key events in the DeFi sector.
  • What are the alternatives to the spot bitcoin ETF?
  • Meta’s departure from the Diem project.
  • How did the trends change after the market fell?
  • Who are the intro gentlemen (Brian P. Brooks and Jeremy Allaire)?
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    For those who do not have time to watch the entire stream, we have prepared a text extract.

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    Let’s discuss lobbying for crypto projects in the US?

    Lobbying — it is such an activity when an intermediary meets with some of the officials on behalf of the company, and tells them what the company wants. Roughly speaking, this is the purchase of a communication channel, targeted marketing.

    Why do crypto companies buy traditional banks?

    Not all projects manage to go through the IPO procedure, and they most often buy those companies whose shares which are traded on exchanges.

    Why did Meta sell their project to Diem?

    Meta has a lot of legal claims and problems, they were apparently not ready to take another one. Launching your own stablecoin is a very promising and profitable investment, but at the same time very dangerous.

    How did the trends change after the market fell?

    The main trend now is training and expanding your professional horizons. In the near future, most likely, there will be no Xs, so starting to study something will only benefit.

    Are you generally optimistic about crypto?201280

    Let’s consider it from the point of view of technology. Blockchain is not the most unique story, but it creates a transparent space that no state and no state body can control. I am optimistic about decentralization, but I need to solve the problem of network load distribution.