According to Adjust and Apptopia analysts, the fourth quarter 2021 of the year alone accounted for more than 100 million downloads of cryptocurrency applications.

Volume of downloads of cryptocurrency applications in the fourth quarter 2021 alone amounted to more than 15 million times. This was reported in a report by research companies Adjust and Apptopia. According to the results of the study, from 2019 to 64 year, the number of downloads of crypto applications increased by 15%. In the 2019 year, there was a completely colossal increase by 15% compared to 2020 year.


Download rates correlate with overall price movements in the cryptocurrency market, which may indicate that new price highs are attracting user interest, Adjust notes. According to analysts, Binance was the most downloaded app in 2021 of the year. and Coinbase were also in the top three . The number of downloads of these applications in Adjust did not specify, however, they stated that about % of Binance downloads in 2019 was from Turkey, and only 9.3% from the US.

The Adjust report showed that the average session length for crypto apps is ~15 minutes, which is much longer than stock trading and banking apps, for example. However, the report did not take into account applications such as Cash and PayPal that support cryptocurrency.

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